Additional exercise from favorite activities/hobbies?

  • Hi all,

    I just started my first BFL Challenge (C1W1D3) and I had a quick question about additional activities. I'm trying more to re-sculpt my body rather than lose a lot of fat (maybe only 5 lbs or so).  I'm following the workouts to a "T", though I'm still figuring out which weights are needed to reach my 10s.  I also dance... a lot, pretty much everyday.  And I was wondering what the general feeling is regarding additional cardio and 'accidental' strength training.  Have other challengers done this in the past? Did you end up too tired and have trouble sticking to the BFL workouts? I'm not exhausted yet but....If necessary is supplementing one of my dance classes for my workout reasonable? I'm taking pole dancing classes and I teach/perform Argentine Tango. One is more resistance and strength training (I'm sore after a class) and the other more cardio (intense at times since I do show dance).

    Thanks everyone for your advice and insights!


    PS... dance is my passion... to be fit and lean for shows/performances is what's driving me to do the challenge in the first place, that and to learn how to eat better ;)

  • Im not an expert, but this is my advice:

    Put off vigorous cardio or workouts until after you have completed the 12 week program, then you can resume it! OR..... Try it and see what happens. if you are feeling too tired and worn out, then drop them, if you find you can handle both effortlessly, then do it!!

    Just as long as you keep to the BFL rules, I think you'll be fine.

    Listen to your body!

    Good luck!

    Stacy Lynn

  • since you are already so active, you may find that by just following the eating plan (in addition to your dancing), you'll get the results you desire.  i've read that eating is 70-80% of the program!  

  • FWIW, my opinion is that in the books it says to do the program in addition to your normal activities so I would not change what you normally do unless it does cause a problem.

    If you start noticing problems re-evaluate your activity then. Don't start a bunch of new things, but keep on with what you already do.

    --- Kitty