Great Workout

  • I had a great workout today. Problem is I have not eaten my first meal yet. I plan on eating my first meal at 12pm and eating every 2 hours after that. Is that ok, BFL friends?

  • What time was your workout and what kind did you do?

  • I started at 9:28 and finished at 10:05. It was a leg workout!

  • Not eating within a half and hour of a weight lifting workout is going to make it difficult for your muscles to recover.  Waiting 2 hours is just not doing you any favors.  Without the proper nutrients to help your muscles recover, you're asking for soreness and injury.  Plan plan plan!  Take a shake with you to the gym, add water when you're done working out, and drink it on your way home.  With cardio, it's good to wait about an hour, but you need to eat after that.  

  • For best results it has been recomended over and over again by many in sports, body building, marthon runners, etc that you consume protein and carbs within 30 mins of your last rep on days you do resistance training.  Right after you work out your body goes to work repairing all the microtrauma you caused to the muscle tissue.  This is called muscle hypertrophy.  Protien is one of themost important basic building blocks to this process.  A good whey protien breaks down fast and is absorbed fast so is what is usually recomended.  Secondly carbs are necessary to create a rise in blood sugar which triggers an insulin release by your pancreas.  Insulin is a very powerful natural anabolic hormone that shuttles protien into the muscles.  Secondly the insulin will use the leftover blood sugar to restore the glycogine stores in your muscles.  This is important so your muscles will have fuel to burn next time you work out.

    I have read over and over again that if you run out of energy during a workout, it's usually because of what you had to eat (or didnt eat) immediatly after your last workout.

  • Thanks Courtney and warriorcookie for the excellent feedback.