Cardio Question...

  • This is C1W6D2 for me and i have not improved my cardio at all. I have only changed my starting speed by .5mph. My question is should I have seen more improvement by now? I have missed a few cardio days and have had some diet slip ups but I would still think I would see more by now. Any advise?

  • Try to step it up. You can't move on if you don't try it. I would try to do more than your used to- even if you think it might kill you!!  


    Stacy Lynn

  • This is simialr to another post I just read. It is hard to tell if I am pushing myself enough. I always feel like I worked out for an hour after my interval runs, and look like it too. I only upped my speed by .1 at each interval this week. I fiddle around with the speeds and end up too fast because I feel like my lungs will explode. Melissa

  • LOL.  Lungs feeling like they are going to explode is where you want to be IMO.  It wasn't until week 9 that I was able to make adjustments to my HIIT.  

  • I re-read the original book as I did this challenge before and THAT is the book I used. Even as a woman..I have the one for women, but I felt it was "dumbed down" a little..

    Today I applied the increased intensity approach.  I manually adjusted the treadmill incline and wore my Skechers Shape ups...kicked my rear for 24 minutes...I think people need to build up and not focus so much on scales...If you are out of oxygen, drop it down until you can breathe again..if you are so out of breathe than you are not doing aerobic exercise...there's a difference between working at your high point and needing an oxygen mask LOL!

    Where do you you work out? so you have connected system like FitLinxx? I am able to punch my Identity code into all the equipment EXCEPT the free weights to track progress at the Y where I work out..

    Many of us are desperate to look like the after pics...we will. Remember those people too had similar issues...

  • I LOVE CARDIO - It's only 20 minutes.  It's intense and focused.  I wear ear plugs to mute out the noise.....then I can hear my heartbeat and my voice when I talk  to myself.  Putting the SUCCESS JOURNAL IN SIGHT with the back page facing me so I can read the top,,,,,,,,MAKE A CHANGE----MAKE A DIFFERENCE............and the bottom,,,,,,,THOUSANDS HAVE ALREADY SUCCEEDED----NOW ITS MY TURN......that keeps me mentally focused to hit my peaks.  

    Another tool I use to measure my intensity is a stick it note.  I know that 5 is walking with no effort, and 10 is I am giving it all I have.  So I write out the minutes and intensity intervals and I know that the first four peak at 8 and 9 are coming then knowing that after I hit that "10" on the last peak will be the benchmark of taking responsibility to SUCCEED in building MY BODY FOR LIFE is the greatest feeling.  Reading my dreams before I start and after help me understand that my dreams are coming true right now at that moment one moment at a time.

    I can always look at others who have changed more or less than me to get perspective.  I have faith in the BFL people.

    Trust your guages, like your heart rate or breathing.....

    Remember - its not what you do some of the time, it's what you do most of the time.  A couple set backs here and there are ok......however, If you're mentally stuck on the old habits or physically not might need to let go of some old patterns of thinking.  Then the body will follow wherever you lead it.  If that's the case or if it's not the case find the winners that you want what they have and simply do what they do...........let them mentor and love you into the 84th day imperfectly perfect!!

    I'm going to bed.......and guess what I'm doing in the morning......CARDIO!!  I will think of you!!

    Make it a great Day!  Make it a Great Challenge!  One BFL thought at a time!!!

    Russell T

  • hey semperfiwife0331.  Every three weeks I up all levels on my intensities for cardio by .5 mph.  For example when I started my high point (10) was 6.5 and now it is 8.5 mph.  You just have to increase the difficulty and adapt...push harder....sweat more.  

    Missing days and diet slip ups mean that you really aren't into the challenge.  Just make up your mind that this matters, your health matters live up to your name my friend.  You have it in you, you just have to remove the voice that says "let's take it easy today."

  • I found that when I go outside to run instead of on the treadmill, a few wonderful things happen. First, I enjoy myself more, fresh air and sunshine is the best! (trail running). Secondly, I actually get a better workout in! Instead of using numbers on a treadmil for levels 6,7,8,9 and 10... I use the following:

    6: light jog

    7: picking up the pace, now!

    8: Moving right along, scoot!

    9: Hey, that chick is on a mission!

    10: can't talk right now...focused on my high point

    It's just like Bill Phillips says, you can never outgrow this cardio program! As I get better and faster, I end up covering more ground, and seeing more of the countryside

  • I use a heart rate monitor (Polar F11) and it really helps me hit a high intensity consistently.  Of course, perceived exertion is what a 10 is, so I don't always hit the same heart rate on my 10s, but I know that if I'm breathing easy with a heart rate of 150, I'm not working, whereas when I'm gasping and my heart rate is 185, I'm pretty close to max.  It's all about knowing yourself but also having good information about what's going on in your body.  I love my HRM!

  • Has anyone experienced this like me?...

    Treadmill = I hit 10's on BREATHING and heart rate

    Recumbent Bike = I hit 10's on MUSCLES burning and heart rate

    Because of this discovery, I'm making an effort to vary my cardio between treadmill, bike, elliptical, and stairs.  I'm only on week 2, so I'll have to see if I get to the point where all machines max out both breathing and muscles burning, etc.


  • Becky, definitely!  When I do the bike, my quads are burning and dying before my lungs are.  In fact it feels so muscular that I avoid doing it before or after a lower body workout (basically that means only before a free day).  I just stick to the treadmill basically.  I can't do elliptical or stairs due to somewhat idiosyncratic knee problems.  

  • Good call Becky. Your legs need to rest and if you are increasing tension and not speed with your bike, you may very well be overtraining your legs and basically wasting your time on your LBWO the next day. Cardio is for your heart - LBWO is for leg strength. It took me 11 weeks and a call from a friend to realize my error - good for you to figure that out in 2 weeks!

  • Good to know I'm not the only one!  Sometimes I wonder...


  • Hello Semperfi,

    I know every person is different.  However, I can only tell you of my experience and approach.  I started off 7 weeks ago at 4.5 mph for 20 minutes and after 7 weeks I am now at 6.1 mph.  The way I manage my cardio is by setting a speed and then changing the elevation for each one minute segment excluding the warm up an warm down periods.  I also set goals that push me.  Every week my goal is to increase my distance and elevation over the 20 minute period.  For me its hard to increase each session but I can say that I always am able to increase over the week.  For instance, my record in the first week was 1.55 miles and 155 feet of elevation over 20 minutes.  Last week I ended at 2.0 miles and 338 feet.

    One important point:  In order to increase your stamina you must push your body.  Your mind and muscles will tell you you cannot do it, but you can.

    Good Luck!


  • During my cardio workout, I try to maintain a decent speed, but I increase the resistance on the bike. By the end, my heart rate feels like it is going to pound out of my chest. Here is how my resistance goes:


    1 - 4

    2 - 4

    3 - 5


















    It felt like murder the first time. I almost got sick. But, now it is a crazy intense workout.