Left arm weaker than the right!! Solutions?

  • So my left arm is a bit weaker than the right (my dominant hand). I suspect this is normal in most people. To make up for this, I almost always do dumbbell exercises to isolate the muscles individually (vs. barbell).


    I have found that particularly on the heavier sets towards the end, I sometimes cannot repeat required reps with the left arm but with the same weight amount I have not been trained to exhaustion on the right arm. Now I have been doing concentration curls for biceps so that I can "assist" with my right hand when my left bicep fails before I have completed the "required" reps. 


    What are your solutions to this problem. The women's fitness magazine Oxygen had this type of question as their "Question of the Month" and their response was to increase the number of reps with your weak arm to help it catch up.


    I want to train my right arm to exhaustion but I don't want to do 20 lb. curls on right and only 15-->10lb. on the left and further the strength disparities.


    Opinions and comments??


  • Jjones2010,

    Perserverance! I too have the same problem. For those exercises I do using dumbbells (as opposed to barbells in which the weaker arm can get help), when my left arm fails, I finish the set with my right, put that weight down, then use my right to "help" the left complete the set. This can look a little odd at times, depending on the exercise I am doing but I believe this has helped. Also remember to really slow the eccentric phase (down phase) to get maximum value out of it. Your right arm can provide no help or as much as you need in this phase.

    Good luck and enjoy.

  • In this scenario, using dumbells, especially for your heavier sets(when you are going for your tens is appropriate).  However, you can do things like bench press and shoulder presses with a barbell, where you are pushing rather than pulling.  You're 'weaker' side will catch up to the point you won't even notice, just make sure you are not sacrificing form on your weaker side to catch up to your dominant side.

  • I was so glad to see that someone else is experiencing the same thing that I am.  I did my first upper body workout the other day and it was unbelievable to me, how much weaker my left arm was?! lol.  Thank you for the post and the suggestions.  I feel ready to conquer the second upper body workout coming up (with a little help from my right arm.)   :-)))

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