Starving when I leave the gym

  • I do my weight lifting in the evening and by the time I get home I am starving!  I could eat everything in sight.  Am I supposed to wait to eat for an hour?  How do I calm my hunger?   Thanks!

  • I would eat as soon as I walked in the door, probably your highest protein of the day. I personally eat one hour before I go to the gym for lifting and then right when I get home; don't wait, because then you will certainly end up binging and you want to nourish those freshly-torn muscle fibers ASAP!

    Just my two cents...


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  • No real need to wait to eat after your weight training.  Get those muscles some food.  The important time to wait is after your cardio work as that one hour wait on an empty stomach ensures that calories burned comes from what you have stored.

  • Its actually better to eat right away after lifting, your muscles need it!  But definitately wait an hour after cardio like James said.