Week 8 change up in exercises

  • OK, so throughout my first seven weeks, I switched up a few exercises for variety and I am doing the same for the next couple of weeks.  I thought I would share my first LBWO of this new schedule.



    I was doing Leg Press machine and Leg Extensions.  Both are great, but, something about the Leg Press didn't feel like enough for me after a few weeks.

    My new combo is proper squats with real weight on my back and Leg Extensions.  Oh my Goodness!!!  What a difference the squats have made, I am all kinds of good sore two days later.  I intentionally held off on squats as I wanted to test my leg strength and ease into them.  Well the time came and these things worked far more different muscles than the Leg Press Machine.  I did the squats on Smith Machine, but will try freestyle next time.


    I was doing Deadlifts with dumb bells and Leg Curl Machine.  I switched to Deadlifts with olympic bar to change things up.  Pretty much the same exercise but the bar engages my shoulders a bit differently.  My challenge with these is more the strength of my grip.  That is getting better as my forearm strength improves.  I kept Leg Curls as they work fine and work the Hamstrings in a different way.


    I am staying the same here as I always get a great burn and failure using the leg press machine with my heels hanging over the bottom of the platform.  I switch up my stance wider with my toes pointed in for my last set.


    Ooooh, I have tried several things for abs, the last couple of weeks have been decline bench with varying weight plates held to my chest for increased difficulty.  I have discovered the Reverse Crunch and I feel burn much more now.  I now will finish with some oblique work on the decline bench for my last set.


    So if you are in a rut, change up your exercises and start working the muscles in a different way.  If you are not getting the same burn and soreness then it might be time for a different approach to that muscle group.  Today I am throwing in a few changes for my UBWO to surprise my muscles, I got some good ideas at www.stronglifts.com


    My best to you all.


  • Nice, James.

    Also, what you do on the standing calve raise equipment can be done on the leg press equip.

    Turning your toes inward in a pigeon toed stance, or opposite, by turning your toes outward will create a change of resistance to the calve muscles for more stimulation.

    Your getting close, buddy, PUSH IT HARD for the back end of your challenge.

    This is what you have been training for.

    Everything you do from this point on - is what your going to get back.

    We all can't wait for your 8th week!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Great work JamesK. I switch the majority of my excercises up frequently. " You might think that if you planned your nutrition and training well enough and took action consistently enough, then you'd never hit a plateau. Unfortunately your biology has its own plans. Your body not only adapts quickly to training programs, it also adapts to a reduced-calorie intake to help regulate and stabelize body weight. The result is that your weight loss will automatically slow down over time, even if you dont change a thing in your strategy. It you do inadvertently make a nutrition or training mistake, your fat loss can stall completely. " Tom Veneto.

    Change is good!

  • Thanks Terry and Legs.

    Legs...Exactly!  I have not hit a plateau and figured I would switch things up just for interest and to head off a plateau.  It really does make it a bit more fun to explore gym equipment.

    Today's UBWO had a few new things, but nothing major.  I changed my biceps from preacher bench to standing, it made a difference as the muscle has to work in a slightly different way.

    Lately I have been ending my UBWO days with what I call a "capstone" exercise.  After all my other exercises are done, I take a set of dumb bells Hammer curl them up to shoulder, then press up overhead and then slowly lower them laterally to the start position.  It is one last time to exhaust my biceps and shoulders.  It is kinda like my UBWO dessert.  hehe.

  • I'll have to check out that website.  I need some new ideas.  I wasn't sore the last 2 weeks.  I tried mixing up the exercises...I did the leg extension and leg press in lieu of squats.  I've tried doing one leg squats instead...switched to using the barbell instead of dumbells.  That worked for a minute but now I'm not sore from that.  I'm still losing inches and lbs off the scale so I'm still burning fat but I'm just not feeling the soreness after a Lower Body workout.   It makes me sad! :(