My Outdoor Jog Experience

  • Last night I did my HIIT outdoors for the first time on BFL. My Washington weather was too beautiful to stay indoors on the treadmill so I headed out.

    To begin,I hit the road only to be met by a huge plume of exhaust from the first passing car...didn't expect that so suddenly. My lungs slowly clear, my feet hit the pavement and I was off. To warm up I walked a bit until  making a left turn at the first intersection. Learning to pace myself was tricky, so I used telephone poles to indicate levels of intensity. Before nose began running at the exact same pace my feet were! Pocket check...  Can't find a tissue anywhere in all the pockets of my jacket, there are pockets everywhere but no one ever mentioned packing Kleenex for this trip! Gads, there goes the sleeve...the thing I taught my boys to never do.If they could see me now!  Anyway, I'm gettin into the groove of this jogging business, sniffing all along the way,.....when the "cramp" starts building up slowly. That's right, I'm not even for sure which cramp is creepin up exactly and by now I am far from home! The queasy sweat starts beading up and all I can think to do is just let a little pressure off by eeking out "wind". It was the right move, felt better right away, however turns out when running the VOLUME of eeking tends to end up quite loud and occurs in multiples!! toot toot toot toooooooooot!! Again, unexpected! That went on for longer than one would think possible. What a relief, tho! It could have been a much different ending to the cramp.(By the way, during this I check several pockets only to realize my cell phone I meant to bring was probably on the table by the door I went out of, it would have been impossible to call my husband to bring me clean underwear,,,and really, how many of us have friends we can call to drive our poopy pants home? Thank God, I dodged that bullet!!) I reach my destination point and am heading back on the other side of the street where I discover a new view of where I had just ran. Turns out there is a good chance that where my most volumious tooting occured a family and friends are gathered  in their yard  all now looking my way...awkward....embarrassing. I forge ahead anyway...faster and more determined than ever to get home. Hitting my 10 was not a problem on this HIIT. So I get home and the sweat is just pouring off, I check my jog took me 40 min and I ended up going over 2+ miles! I got so into it during,,, and besides the cramp and runny nose, I lost track of time because it felt so great!

    Lesson for future outdoor HIIT: pack tissues(maybe even a little and phone in pockets, be sure to use the potty beforehand and be more aware of others in the neighborhood!!

    I hope the weather is nice enough for my next HIIT!

    Would love to hear others experiences with running! Thanks for hearing me out. K



  • Oh Kat...that's just the type of humor I needed tonight!! You definitely have a way with your words!! :) I haven't ventured out yet for HIIT, but with school almost finished (9 1/2 days!), I will probably head down our back hill to the high school track.

    Will definitely take your advice! hehe! :)

    Thanks for the chuckle!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I went running one night last summer after it rained, and I had just taken off about five pounds and had a slight tan, so I was feeling confident (maybe too much). I ran the same loop four times to make three miles, and on the fourth loop a bunch of young cuties were hangin' out, grilling, and all eyes were on me as I was gliding past, trying to suck it in, look graceful, you know.

    Stepped right into a pile of mud that I had managed to avoid the laps before (it wasn't showtime then) and slid and did a half roll downhill. Wow-totally tooled out there. They were all like, "Aw, are you ok?" and I was, except for a damaged ego, some scrapes and dirt. Just shook it off and kept running, beet-red face and broken confidence.

    Haha. Not as funny as yours, though, Kat. May all your runs be more graceful, right?

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Weather was super nice today! Did HIIT outdoors again, same route, no incidences, way better time! I may be discovering a hidden Inner Runner I didn't know existed! Also bought new running shoes today and am looking forward to giving them a permitting!


  • That is too funny!. I like the fact you finished.

    You are  winner in my book!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Great job!  Running outdoors brings a different level to HIIT and requires more muscle work.