30 minute full body work out

  • Does anyone have any idea to incorporate a 30 minute full body work out?
  • I don't know

  • Prandy ~

    It would help if you would share what you are trying to achieve.  Obviously you are looking for a 30 minute full body workout.  Why?  How many times a week?  Why not do the BFL plan as prescribed?


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  • I have done the challenge before but now my schedule is full looking to apply 30 minutes routine full body twice a week, and would appreciate any advice just using dumbbells power block...any recommendations exercises, rest between sets etc

  • That is what I am doing now.  Most of my routines incorporate the whole body, but not everyday.  30 min of total body, 30 min of yoga, 30 min of chest and back, 30 min of stretching(not yoga), etc.  I like it, and I can workout 7 days a weeks this way with yoga and stretching days in there.  

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  • I guess should reword my original posting, I would like to know how to incorporate 30 minute full body routine, for example, chest exercises, reps, sets, and time to  rest between sets

  • If your that strapped for time I would look into another workout plan that Bill Phillips created. Go to YouTube and look up Bill Phillips 5-25 workout. It is a circuit training workout and takes 25 minutes. There is two different weight lifting workouts. One for upper body and one for lower body. On that program you do upper body on Monday and Friday each week and lower body on Wednesday of each week. It is always in that order. He also has a slightly different version of HIIT cardio that they do that takes 25 minutes. That should give you all the info you need.

  • Ty, im assuming the routine for upper body and lower body alternate on monday, wednesday and friday 5 to 25 minutes as compared to the 12 week body for life...I am going to check out the circuit training today...this may be what im looking for but still prefera full body work out in one session(that inckudes upper and lower bidy) twice a week.. for example monday and thursday...

  • The workouts on that program do not alternate.  You'd always have UBWO on Monday and Friday, and your LBWO would always fall on Wednesday.  If that's too long for you you can google full body circuit training workout and you'll find something that suits your needs.

  • Thank you