question on the cardio

  • I have been following the cardio by the book--but have seen other HIIT where you do 90 seconds of moderate and then 30 seconds of high intensity cardio--then drop it back down and do moderate for 90 seconds etc etc for 20 minutes. Are both just as effective? Is one better then the other? Trying not to question what has been proven to work--but I know that HIIT is very popular right now and there is more updated info since the book has been written. Either way--I love doing that cardio!! Its my favorite part of this program so far! Compared to steady state running which I used to do--this is way better!
  • I'm glad you enjoy doing HIIT, isn't it awesome how it makes your body feel! I don't know about the variances that other people come up with, my guess is that they are relatively similar because it doesn't sound all that different. I would just stick to the plan just because there is this little bit of stress that comes from changing things up. It doesn't feel like a big deal at the time, but it can add up and make other little compromises seem like nothing when they actually matter. Thats just me, I know I stuck to it better when I had this feeling like "holy crap I'm actually doing it perfect". It just makes you more confident in the long run. There's the "butterfly effect", where a little change can make a big difference for an unexpected reason. That would always be in the back of my mind when I changed things.