• The BFL workouts stress workout intensity and getting done in 46 minutes.  So my burning question is the most intensity I can do is superset push and pulls.  But no one seems to mention this.  I start with back/shoulders.  I do a set of pullups (10); during my rest of the back, I do headstand pushups; I alternate back and forth.  For Bis/Tris, I alternate them as well.  I'm breathing heavy, I can get six sets of every muscle group in thirty minutes.  For leg workout, I alternate the Lunges with calf raises.  This seems so efficient.  Intensity is high and I'm breathing.  I feel like this is a win-win-win aproach, but no one seems to be doing this.  Are there any shortcomings to this approach?  What am I missing?

    I'm 6'2", 182lbs, 15%BF.  I have a high priority on losing fat but I don't want to get too scrawny so I need to maintain and build muscle as well.  Is it reasonable to get to 9% BF (six pack abs) in 12 weeks?

  • I do super sets, force sets, giant sets.  To be honest I do my own thing now and not the Upper Body, Cardio, Lower Body routine.  For example I am trying to bulk up right now and I do 6 days of weights in the morinings and Some kind of cardio in the evenings for 3 days.  Chest, legs, back, arms, then shoulds and on the 6th day I start over.  So I hit 1 body part twice a week.  On Sundays I rest with stretching or yoga...not so much of the, but I do get it in at least once a month.

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM