Losing Fat vs. Gaining Muscle

  • I'm at week 6, I weigh in every Thursday. I have been losing a couple pounds a week fairly consistently (13 lbs as of last Thursday). Today I get on the scale and nothing has changed, I got off and got back on and it went up a pound. Is this normal? I cant really tell if there is in difference in my clothes this week. Could I have put on muscle? Could I have been putting on a little muscle each week and not be noticing?

    My diet has been fairly consistent through these last 6 weeks, but this week I did add more protein shakes. I have been taking BCAA, Creatine pill (not a mono), a CLA and Omega 3, I started these a couple weeks ago. I do have a protein shake on weight lifting days. Changed protein shakes this week and have had a couple more then normal, but have been working out a little harder, trying to hit my 10's

    I want to gain muscle but I want to lose fat to be able to see my hard work

  • Stay the course!  It would be unusual to go through a 12 week challenge and lose a couple of pounds every week.  It's normal to have a week where you gain a pound or stay the same.  It's just your body going through a lot of physical changes.  Keep hitting your 10's and eating clean - you're doing great!