Day 33 - Does everybody reach workout plateaus

  • I've been going for for 33 days. All has been okay no big weight losses but slow steady progress. Starting out I thought I would have saw a bigger drop in weight just due to diet, I stopped drinking alcohol and have been eating pretty clean. On average I have seen steady progress.

    Now, I have been noticing that my work outs seem to be more difficult to achieve what I did the week before. Is this normal? I have been doing cardio everyday, on lifting days just light treadmill, non lift days the HTTP cardio. I have noticed the cardio seem more difficult to get trough and the lifting days it is sometimes hard for me to achieve what I did on the last workout for the same muscle group. 

    Is this normal? Do I just need to push through it?

  • It might be a good idea to cut your cardio back to the 3 days and give it a couple of days.  The fourth week is about the time everything sets in and you adjust.  If you see yourself going backwards the first think to check is whether you are getting ALL of your meals in.  Second did you cut out all of your carbs?  If not the third thing is are you doing too much cardio?  If so, get back to basics and see if you feel better in a few days.  Make sure you are getting plenty of water and rest as well.  Hang in there, you can do this.

  • Yes we do...I won't tell you how to fix a plateau, but it happens to most of us.

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