Foot Injury

  • I have developed a foot injury.  It's on my left side just below the ankle.  I am out of commission as far as LBWOs go, I don't want to re-aggravate it.  I have a sneaking suspicion it occurred on the treadmill and there is also no way I can do cardio on the treadmill right now.  I will start using the bike at the gym and continue with UBWOs.  However, my thoughts are that while I will do my cardio on the bike as the amount of pressure applied to my foot is substantially less, would it be a good idea to substitue LBWOs with the bike as well?  Or is this going to be just excessive cardio until my foot heels? Or, aside from Ab workouts, should I skip LBWOs altogether until I am back in commission?

  • FWIW, I had a foot/heel/ankle problem that almost made me want an x-ray. I took anti-inflammatories and kept it elevated to alleviate the swelling, continued with my workouts but switched to low impact for cardio and babied it for angled calf raises, making sure to stretch to keep range of motion.

    It got better after a week, I blame it on rushing thru one leg calf raises and running up a steep hill and am glad it was not a stress fracture but likely just an inflamed tendon...

    Do check with your general practitioner though!

    --- Kitty


  • Oh, I also had to wear a support brace made of elastic fabric. Not much activity other than workouts and necessary stuff but the soft tissue healed and is good as new. I'm back to one leg calf raises again and will try the hill again today.

    That week or so sucked but now no more Achilles' heel.

    --- Kitty


  • Amster-Dam! ..........................................(I must apologize....but I just could not pass up that opportunity!)

    Sorry to hear you have an injury, have you thought about strapping on some ankle weights and just doing like a bicycle in the air kinda impact at all.... but all the cardio you can give it?

    Be well, heal quickly!


  • My turn: Kittie-Kat :-)

    Anyways, yeah there is no swelling, it's slight discomfort and I am hoping it's not a stress fracture, time will tell I suppose.

    I did cardio using the bike this morning and it seemed to be very little pressure on my foot, so I will go with that for now.  Also, works the legs a l'il bit so that's a positive.

  • The location of the pain, how the pain behaves (does it get worse with weight bearing, does it get worse with movement and the end of the available range or in the middle, does it get worse with resistance in a specific direction) are all vital questions.

    I want to encourage you to consult a professional; a physical therapist or a sports medicine doctor (if you think it was b/c of impact then see the sports medicine MD or DO first for an X-ray or bone scan).  


    Kevin Ford, DPT, OCS

  • It's improved measurably since I posted this.  Not there yet, but it's definitely getting a lot better.


    It's suspicious that it occurred, now that I think about it, at about the same time I increased my level 10 speed on the treadmill.  Went from a 5.5 spd and 12 incline to 6.0 spd, same incline.....hmm.

  • I have a shoulder/back injury I am working around. I feel like I set myself up for injury when it is time to increase weights because I up the pounds too much and use improper form. It is hard to judge when and how much to increase a workout. I hope you heal quickly.

    I called the number in the book, which I think is eas. They were very helpful on how I should adjust my workout with my current abilities.