Question about resting BETWEEN REPS (NOT SETS)

  • Hi BFL'ers.

    I am in the 3rd week and feeling great.  However, I have a question about resting midway through a set.

    Say, I'm doing Biceps and I'm on my HP set of 12 Hammer Curls.  At Rep 9, my muscles are toast and I REALLY want to STOP.  I also know that if I keep going at a normal tempo, I'll cheat (lean back and use momentum to get the weight up).  So what I do, is stop at the bottom, take a deep breath, count (1 STEAMBOAT, 2 STEAMBOAT) and then I can crank out the remaining 10-11-12 using correct form and WITHOUT stripping the weight.  

    I talked to a few instructors at the gym (I go to Cardel Place here in Calgary) and they said that is how they do it as well. But they said its only for 2-3 reps, and NOT for 5 or more.  In the later case, they said if you experience muscle fatigue in lets say rep 5, then STRIP the weight down a few and continue. The "RESTING BETWEEN REPS" method is ONLY for 2-3 of the hard final reps).




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  • Derek,  exactly what you mapped out is how i handle situations like that.  I have been through two challanges, currently working on my third, and have seen wonderful results attacking struggles that way.  Good luck and keep up the great work.


  • Take a breath if you need it.  The sets don't mean any less if you take a a couple of seconds in between to complete it with proper form.