Same Workout Repeated or Switch it up Each Time?

  • I've never seen this specified anywhere in the book or anywhere online so I was a bit curious...

    Should I be doing the same exercises every workout or should I be switching exercises every workout?

    For example, if it's Week 1 on Monday I do barbell bench press for chest followed by dumbbell flyes. Should I follow the same exercises for Friday's workout or should I switch it up to something different (ex. Dumbbell Incline Press followed by cable crossovers)?

    Does it even matter what I do?

    Thanks in advance!!

  • In my opinion, you will benefit from keeping the same workout for the whole challenge, or at least half of it. When you feel it's not hitting you right any more (it happens after a long time doing it. In my case it took me several months), you will need to change it. so, to sum up, keep it.

  • Thank you

    I should have readied this first

  • I'm actually going to suggest something different.  The purpose of switching up your exercises is to help you avoid plateaus and implement muscle confusion to continue progress.  It is recommended you keep the same workouts for a month at a time.  It take a few workouts to get comfortable with the exercises, and then you start pushing yourself and trying to reach new goals.

    Keep in mind, different exercises work different areas of the muscle.  If you stick with just one exercise, you'll neglect areas of your muscles that should be trained (back is a BIG example, you have upper back, lower back, outer back muscles, and the lats).

    Keep the same workout for a month, then switch it up.  

  • I would suggest breaking the challenge into 4 quarters, and switching up exercises every 3 weeks.  Keeping the same for 12 weeks means the muscles are only hit from one angle.  Different exercises for the same body part will hit it differently, and challenge you in new ways.  You'll notice that when you change up your exercises that you'll need to find new 10's, and this is good, very.  This is the essence of how this is supposed to work with the high point method.  

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  • Jessica, don't you think 4 weeks would be a more effective way to lay it out?  I only ask because I think it's best to keep the workout structure symmetrical.

    With 3 weeks you do 5 upper body workouts and 4 lower body

    With 4 weeks it's even at 6 and 6.

    Just my thoughts...

  • I would say your reasoning for 4-week intervals makes good sense Supe.

  • To be honest, Becoming Superman, I didn't think of that, and the funny thing is that I have OCD, so I love symmetry.  

    Keep in mind that in the next 3 weeks you would do 5 LBWO and 4 UBWO.  So... you really could get specific/technical, and consider that when planning.  For instance... I have trouble with reverse flyes, though on LBWO, my deadlifts are awesome.  Just a thought.  

    I'm still inclined towards doing it every 3, but that's a personal thing.  We grow accustomed to workouts at different rates.  I don't like switching it weekly, as some do, because then I'm not getting into the groove of anything and really evaluating my progress, though 4 weeks gets me to used to something, but that's just me, and your reasoning is very sound by my estimation.

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  • Jessica

    I like your viewpoint as well And becoming superman you also have both have good  Advice.

    Thank you for your input I like it though