Middle of week 4

  • Did just finished a high impact kickboxing session for my cardio today. Its amazing how a 20 minute workout can be so efficient when you hit your High Points! I feel sooo good!! Im excited to take my measurements at the end of the week and to take some progress pictures! How are you all doing on your workouts and what week are you in? Id love to know!!

  • Just finished my last cardio for Week 4.  Great cardio today.  I do stairs, and I hit a new high today as well.  Amazing how much sweat get come off your body in 20 minutes.  Tomorrow is Week 4 pictures for me to see how I've done over the past month.  


  • Awesome Mike!! I know right, the 20 minute thing blows my mind!

  • I just started week 6 today and got my cardio in nice and early this morning. Done for the day! It amazes me how easy this plan is when you think about it. It doesn't feel easy when I'm working out, but that time flies by. So far I've only done the elliptical machine for my cardio because I have one, and it's too hot to exercise outdoors (Arizona). Can't wait for some cooler weather to get out and run!

  • I know. When I start my workouts especially cardio, Im like "Ok, youll be done in 20 minutes and then you dont have to think about it for the rest of the day" And then when its over Im so happy I stuck with it! Way to go Bluedesert29!!

  • Sounds like we are at the same place in the challenge. I just finished week 4 yesterday.  I just love this part of the challenge where you are starting to see results and feeling very healthy.  best of luck to you on the next 8 weeks!