• What does everyone do for ab work?  I know it is part of the daily training with leg workout, but I need to know if I should be doing more abs more than once per week.

  • As i have mentioned often, when I was on a Challenge, I would sometimes add some ab work into the cardio day. Usually some roman chair work, or Nautilus Ab machine crunches or weighted ab work of some kind just after the cardio session (HIIT)

  • I do my abs workout on cardio days before my cardio.  I choose a variety of exercises that hit all 3 different areas of the abs.  It usually lasts about 10 to 15 minutes.  Also makes for a shorter leg day!!


  • I do abs with my lbw and also add about 15 minutes of various ab exercises after every cardio session.


  • Since I workout twice a day...I end up doing abs 4-6 days a week with varying exercises and to not damage anything.  Sometime less reps...sometimes more. I do about 6-10 different exercises per ab workout, so about 6-15 mins..if I need a rest period in there...lol

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