Cardio question...

  • I'm on day 2. Actually i gave myself last week and a prep by following the program to make sure i was ready to begin the challange yesterday.

    I have a question about cardio...

     Is the cardion plan meant to be completed utilizing a treadmill? I ask becuase staying the range of 6-9 is impossible for me at this time. I am currently utilizing the eliptical machine and levels 6-9 don't seem to chane much, so I'm altering the levels as follows;

                    1-5 warm-up, 6 -8- 10-12 and level 14 for the highest portion (minute 18).

    I hope this still gets the intended workout the plan calls for.

    Overall, I was wonderin ghow close the the cardio plan do others stick to???


    Looking forwar to feedback,



  • Ok, for starters my spelling will be  You can use a Treadmill, Eliptical, jump rope, if a good swimmer - laps in a pool, bike riding, or any cardio dvd that is out there.  Some of those consist of light weights added in.  Tabata is a form of cardio.  The trick is to get your heart rate up and on a hot day sweat your ass

    Good Luck and I hope some of this helps.


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  • Don't confuse the levels described in the BFL book with levels on your treadmill.  The levels described in BFL are your level of exertion - and they will differ for each individual.  Your "level 9" on your treadmill may be very different from the "level 9" of someone else using that very same treadmill.  It's all relative to your fitness level at a given time.  Your level 9 should be almost all-out for you.  Only you can determine where that may be on your treadmil, and you'll figure it out as you do your HIITl.  Hope that helped.

  • My situation is as follows.  I love road biking, boot camps, spin classes etc.  Therefore my cardio is excessive.  Am I at a point of diminishing returns?  Am I hurting myself being "off plan"?

  • I also use the eliptical. My level "5" is #11 on the machine I use. I go to #17 to hit a 10.

    I follow it to the letter. I bring the cardio worksheet on a clipboard and write in the levels minute by minute to make sure I do it right. I struggle with dyslexia (where you have a hard time reading and stuff) and to try and know where I'm at in my head is just so confusing. Using the worksheet helps me tremendously, and also I have more confidence because I know I did it correctly.