Help! Elbow Pain

  • I was wondering if anyone else has experienced soreness that never goes away, and actually becomes painful.  i did a very tough UBW last week, and I knew I went a bit too heavy on my tricep extensions.  I now am having trouble using my right elbow.  I did an UPB this week, but did virtually no tricep work.  My other upper body exercises needed to be changed since certain normal routines for me were causing pain.  It wasnt easy, but I did finish.     I've read many online diagnoses, and even my husband has said tendonitis. He said to rest it. And apparently, tricep extensions using dumpbells isnt the best exercise out there.  Wish I had known that sooner.    My elbow is sore to the touch, like I was hit there with a baseball.  Anyone else experience something like this?

  • Ouch, thats a bummer.

    I had to stop playing racquetball last week.

    I get something like tennis/pitchers elbow real easy.

    Hurts deep inside my elbow area.

    Affected my curl set and was a little panful.

    Then, my ubwo this Friday, it wasn't as bad but noticeable.

    Usually takes like 3 weeks or even four for it to go away.

    There is a pressure point at the top of my fore arm.

    I just press in with the tip of my thumb and locate a sore spot.

    I apply pressure there, and it hurts while doing it, but when I let up after a good minute, it relieves the pain in my elbow - temporarily.

    Not sure if yours is the same, but since I've been through this with mine before, I know for mine what it is, and that, it will go away.

    But, for yours, it may be more involved. Definitely try a different tricep work out, and see if there is one that won't agitate it.  

    May want to consult with an actual Physician.

    Theres the whole ice packs and hot water process that helps reduce swelling, and some of the discomfort.

    I am sorry you are dealing with this.

    Keep us posted.  

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    - Terry

  • OUCH!   My husband has really bad tendinitis in his elbow and knee.  He takes a product called Move Free.  It's not cheap...$30 or so a bottle but he says it works wonders!

  • I have issues with my elbow as well.  I was told that it's from gripping the dumbbells too tightly and sure enough once I loosened my finger grip, it's gotten progressively better.

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  • Lil, I too had the same problem especially when I was still playing racquetball while I was doing my challenge. My dr recommended something called a counterforce strap. It simply goes on the forearm just below the elbow. It basically takes the energy exerted on the elbow and distributes it throughout the muscles of the forearm etc. It worked wonders for me.You can get the strap at CVS, WALGREENS or even Dicks Sporting goods. It is usually called an elbow strap but it is the same thing. Give it a shot and see what happens.

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  • Thanks, Ray - I will try it, too!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Thanks, great advice.  I think I might give it another week to see a doc, since I'm trying very hard not to aggravate it.  Advil did the job yesterday, so at least I have that to fall back on.  Hoping 3-4 weeks is all it needs. I have two UBWOs this week starting Wednesday, so I might just get that strap and give it a try. Will report my findings since I'm not the only one with this annoying problem it seems!

  • Lil, The fact that Advil helped is a good sign, definitely use the strap and it will help

    "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today"

  • I'm suffering from patellar tendinitis, and it's really hampering my workouts!  And if your elbow feels anything like my knee, I know it hurts!  I wonder if the strap would work for the knee as well.  I'm going to look into it.  I haven't resorted to Advil, yet, just have been icing it.  Hope you find relief soon! :)

    Karol (C5W5D3, although I haven't done a cycle in 5 years, yikes!)

  • The other really important thing is to never extend your arms to the point of locking the elbow, always stop just a hair short of a straight arm (or leg for that matter, don't lock the knee either).  I've experienced the pain you described as a result of over extension.  As the other poster said, loosen your grip.  Also, keep a slight forward bend in your wrists.  It's probably just a few little things in your technique that caused it.  Try icing it every night too.

    The big thing is to find out what it is so you can properly treat it, properly isolate it while continuing to do your exercise program, and avoid it from happening in the future.  A doctor specializing in sports medicine is the best option for this...

  • I'm sorry that you're elbow is hurting.  I can tell you from experience (personal and professional) that you need to see a professional for an examination.  

    Don't wait this out just hoping for it to be better.  On average, I see that my patients that come in as soon as an injury occurs have better outcomes and the local doctors who see the high caliber athletes don't hesitate to send to PT very soon after an injury for rehab (unless there's a fracture that needs to be immobilized).  

    Which professional to see?  A primary care physician is the hub.  But they aren't typically trained as specialists in musculoskeletal injuries (which from the description of the mechanism of injury / how it happened and the location is what you have).  An orthopaedic surgeon does just that, perform surgery so that's probably not the first step.  You should find an MD or DO who specializes in sports medicine (has performed advanced training in the form of residency or fellowship) OR a physical therapist who specializes in orthopaedics.  You can find a PT by going to  Click on find a PT and then follow the steps.  That website and a call to your insurance carrier can tell you if you need a referral or if you can go straight to the PT because most states now have direct access.  Meaning you can directly go to the PT w/o seeing an MD (state laws very so you'll have to check on your state).

    But the bottom line...don't wait and don't just take diagnosis and treatment plans that are given without a professionals examination.  

    If you have more questions, let me know.


    Kevin Ford DPT, OCS

  • Hi Karol,

    I have patellar tendinitis too, and it is a huge pain in the knee!  ;-)  I use a patellar tendon strap and that seems to help somewhat.  Although it occasionally hurts while I'm wearing it, I've found that using the strap reduces pain afterwards.  and I always ice after workouts.  The strap is just a black elastic band that goes right on top of the tendon; mine has a "PT" logo on the front.  My physical therapist says it doesn't have to be on tight, so no need to cause too much pressure on the tendon.  Good luck!

  • Hi Lindsay!  Glad I checked back in here.  I'm sitting here icing my knee as I type this.  I'm going to look into the strap.  Thank you for the info!  I'm in week 7 and it's still bothering me.  Worse on some days than others though.   I will not let it slow me down though!  I will see this challenge through!!! :)