Personal Training Possibilities

  • So, I am thinking I would like to become trained as a personal trainer here in Canada.  The most common certification is through and organization called CANFIT.   I am wondering if there is anyone who has become a personal trainer and successfully applied the BFL principles?  I would think that having the successful before and after pictures to show potential clients would be a definitive way to market yourself.   Any stories, comments, feedback would be helpful.



  • Bump/ Yeah, I'm shameless but I am really interested in this here.

  • You know... I say go for it! You know first hand that this program works. I used to pick my personal trainers based on how "in shape" they were. If this program works for you, your body will be your advertisement.

    Go for it- It could help someone.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Armster:

    I have a girlfriend that is trained in CANFIT. She basically did it for her own knowledge. We have 2 trainers in my small town, and from what I hear, you can pay them to meet you at the gym and they will show you excercises etc. One of them apparently did a BFL 12 week program a year ago. I could be wrong, but I think you need to have a wide base of training to be a good trainer. YOu cant push anything on someone wanting to lose weight - you know? Some people just arent going to believe in BFL, so you need to have other ways to get fitness through to people. It isnt a bad thing, its good. Becoming fit is a personal choice, and how we get there is personal too. I believe in BFL 100% NOW, but a year ago, I wouldnt have taken the time to consider it.

    So thats my comments....take the training, but be the kind that can do BFL AND alternatives. A nutrition diploma would certainly help too I think.

    That is exciting. Let me know when exams are on. I'll get the flag out. :)

  • I agree Legs and essentially what I was thinking about.  I will never be forceful in my interpretations for people, however, I will be honest.  There are plenty of people who are happy losing a pant size in a year and that's it.  I'd imagine some sort of intake questionnaire would be appropriate.  What I am wondering is,  if I do become a CPT, is it okay to help people apply the BFL principles if they are open to it ?  I would have no problem referring people to the book, exercises, eating program, journals, this forum etc for free but if they ask for sessions to help them understand exactly what they are getting into, would it be wrong to charge them????

    I am just trying to figure out if I should draw a line in the sand here with BFL and personal training or if it's okay to apply BFL principles to training programs....