HIIT article from Spark People this morning

  • A very informative article.  I haven't yet begun BFL and was not certain what HIIT was and acronym for.



  • Hope this helps but HIT stands for High Intensity Training as put forth in the book BFL by Bill Phillips and a mainstay of the program for at least 3 times a week of the 6 days.

  • Thanks for sharing the article, Kermienme.  Even though I don't particularly enjoy doing HIIT cardio, I do it because it works!  It actually improved my long distance runs quite a bit.  I've not been doing it recently and I definitely notice the difference with my running lately.  I think I need to get back with the BFL/HIIT program. :)

    WPBill, there should be an extra 'I' in there for the intervals part.  HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training