Questions about hamstrings, body weight exercises

  • Hey everyone!

    I started June 10th and boy am I SORE!  But its all good because I know I am making changes and hopefully doing something right.  But I have a few questions that I hope some of you BFL veterans can help with....

    1. I workout at home and we have a decent weight machine, but there is no exercise I can do on it for hamstrings.  What can I do at home that is effective?  During my last LBWO, I did Dumbbell lunges and straight leg deadlifts. I must be doing something wrong, because my hamstrings were the only part of my legs not sore the next day.  What else can I try?

    2.  How do you set up body weight exercises in the workout routine?  Say I want to do I do the reps of 12,10,8,6  and then 12 again, before doing another exercise of choice for the same area?  For me the intensity level goes up each set anyway because my muscles are getting tired.  Is this right???   Same goes for crunches or bench dips for the triceps.

    I really appreciate this forum and look forward to being able to come back and help others once I have this mastered.  Thanks everyone!

  • Sorry now one has responded to you for so long.  I hope you've found answers by now.

    1. For lunges, they are tricky to get.  I used feel the same way where I felt it more in my quads.  It's difficult to explain without working with you one on one but you have to think about what movement works the the hamstring.  It's that motion of pushing your leg back.  (like if you were standing and going to kick your foot back).   It also helps to make sure you are sitting back when you go down for the lunge and keep your back straight.  When you lean forward the weight moves to working your quads.  

    Another exercise I've been doing for the hamstrings since I have to work out at home right now is something similar to this.

    I couldn't find a better example but I do this motion and I just have my feet on the floor.  To increase intensity I hold a weight on my stomach and also switch to doing one leg while the other leg is extended out.  This exercise makes it really easy to focus your attention on the hamstrings

    2.  At the beginning of my BFL challenge last year I had to do some body weight exercises because that was all I had available for a little bit.  You should do something to make it slightly more difficult each time.  For pushups you can do variations.  Knee pushups, regular pushups, raise your feet up, wide hands, diamond pushups, put some weight on your back.  You can also hold the pushups longer to make them harder.  Here's the blog I did of my challenge last year where I'm using my boys as weight.

    For crunches you can hold some weight or hold the flexed position to make it harder.

    Hope that helps and I hope you are still progressing in your challenge.

    Best wishes,


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