I could feel the curious stares at the gym...especially from the women...lol

  • Well today was my first day of my Challenge..I did upper body at the gym..I can feel the curious stares as I'm doing my bicep curls and shoulder sets...the stares are mostly from women pounding away on the treadmills..speed walking..I know most of them..since they work in my building at work..

    I know what they are thinking..they are thinking..she's never going to lose weight lifting weights..I know..I've been told so many times..by well-meaning people.."you need to do cardio..lose all the fat..then do light weight training."

    I continue doing my super-sets..writing down my progress on my little piece of paper..focused..not meeting their eyes..I smile a little smile as I push to lift more weight..because I know something they don't know..

    ****Funny how I see the same out-of-shape people killing themselves year-after-year on the treadmill..and they never lose weight or look any different ..you'd think they'd figure out what they're doing isn't working....hmmmmm..just a thought....

  • Sooo True!  Half the people in the gym are there to just show off (the guy who does 3 reps at a high weight to make himself feel good). They have no idea what they are doing as far as gaining muscle muscle.  Hence, like you said, they continue to look the same six months later when they come back to the gym.

  • I know...I tried to act all legit and pro and all haha!!!

    I'm paying for it today tho! My arms are so sore..I couldn't hardly pull my pants up hahahaha!  But like James Brown said.." I FEEL GOOD!!!" hahaha! Ready to do it again lol!!! But today is cardio!

    I have a gym at work and people that come in there have been working with this company for 20 years most of them..but like the book says..read it yesterday...you can work out on a treadmill all day..you'll lose fat..but If you were shaped like a pear before..you'll lose weight and still be shaped like a smaller pear..no change in your body at all lol!

    They'll get used to me...they can stare all they want..even the "professionals" have told me to do only cardio until I lose the fat and then do "light" weight training...I almost feel like I didn't work out enough...but the book says, don't overdo it..I'm going stricktly by the book...I trust it!

    Thanks dmiller7...!!!


  • @Dmiller7...I did notice the guys were not doing as many sets as I was....they'd do just like you said...about three and they were done! I was doing my 12-10-8-6 increasing weight..then my 12 and 12 like it's SUPPOSED to be done hahaha!

  • I have never seen any women weight train at all in there..well..maybe once in 10 years...so I'm kinda sticking out a little..that's ok...I know what my reward will be...just weight until they see me do bench presses! hahahahaha!!!

  • wait...it's wait..not weight until lol...

  • Hi Angelpants,  last week when I was doing my pre-run I met a few men working the weights. They were very nice and had many suggestions for me.  Unfortunately, I had an emergency gallbladder surgery yesterday. Bummer, cause I was set on beginning the program with all of you.  I'm going to start up when I feel better.  Just a suggestion, Try to meet some of the trainers or more experienced weight lifters. I think it will help when advice is needed on form.  As for the caddy women, their mouths are going to drop when they see the rewards of your workouts and eating plan.  I know I am looking forward to seeing the before and after photo's.

    Bravo to you for taking the first step!.

  • I use te gym at my apartment complex. There are women and some guys I see there regularly, they are in really good shape. The women who really look great do weight training and cardio.

    I tell you what, when it had been 2 months and I started looking really diferent, I got some double takes from the regulars. Like "omg is that the same person?!" look. It is such a good feeling! They have asked what my program is and what the diet is like. People who do regular cardio are so much healthier than if they did nothing. But if someone isn't eating well, they will still have body fat and it just hides the outward appearance of the work they do. Their heart and cardiovascular functions will still be much more efficient, so its not a waste of time by any means. Just a shame to hide it all away because of the over looked diet!

  • #Kermiennme..I am so very sorry about your surgery!!!! oh my!!! well i hope you get better soon! gee whiz, what a bummer, but at least it's out and not going to be a problem any more!

    Yea...I can't wait to post pics of my progress..It's so disturbing for me to look at my photos! I took my measurements yesterday..my hips are 49"!!!!! so depressing! But I think I'm going to wait a month before I weigh myself and take any photos or measurements..I will post before and afters if its really like WOW! I showed my friend my before photos and he said "did you widen those?" LOL!!! I said "NO!" He recovered quickly and said "well, pictures make you look bigger"  hahaha! so yea..the bikini I have on looks so small on my big body! I hope in six weeks the bikini will look bigger and my body smaller lol!  I bought a bikini three sizes too small for me just so I would fit in it perfectly after the challenge...

    Lil Caity..Oh yea..after I lose some weight, I'm going to be sporting some tank tops and shorts instead of the baggy clothes so all the "curious" people can see my results!  I'm serious as a heart attack to achieve the body I want!!!

    Thanks girls, you are such an inspiration and I appreciate your friendship!


  • PS: You know what I really really really want? I look at the Champion before and after photos like every day and I see these women with six pack abs! Like every one of them! I have ALWAYS wanted six-pack abs!  I can't wait till I can see that on my belly!

  • Greetings Angelpants, About those staring , I say... Let them stare on and keep their thoughts to themselves.  Those very same folks that ask you Why are you doing this (this way)? will be some of the very same ones who will ask How did you do this? later on. so let them eat cake(or do cardio only or spin or run etc).  Hang in there gal and stick with the program everyone no matter what comes up, be creative and find a way to deal with it along the way!!

  • Thank you WP Bill!!! I just try to focus on my sets and try to really push myself...I guess if I didn't know them...it wouldn't be so awkward LOL!

    I have a reward..I want that reward! My new body with six-pack abs and a butt I can bounce a quarter off of hahahaha...no really!

    You're the best Bill~


  • Many older guys at my gym start a weight program and attack it like they did in high school!!  It is depressing to watch and listen to as well..

  • How is it going for all of you. About the older folks , you have to admire their spirit but they do need to increase their weights and reps gradually and like me,  realize that you're no spring chicken anymore and improve one day at a time. I have seen this and sadly , too often they quit or go to the gym just for the whirlpool or sauna and not the hard work. Oh, well.  I always tell them about this program when they ask or see my results so they too might check into it.

  • It's suprising how many people in the gym don't really understand what they are doing or why.

    I spent a lot of time with physio and personal trainers to rehabilitate my dislocated shoulder, and it never ceases to amaze me how many people lid with bad form, or not using the full range ( only lifting a short distance). Or just pounding the treadmill.

    There are people who would be on the treadmill when I got there for a session, and would still be there an hour later.

    I never understood that...

    I had a great PT help me understand how to excercise and stretch my shoulder - he introduced me to a great bit of kit - the TRX suspension trainer - I really got on with it, as it's not only great for resistance work, but great for stretching out shoulders etc in odd directions( which is what I need)...