• This is my first week. Tell me I will feel better soon. It literally took every ounce of me to get on the treadmill for 20 minutes this morning. Please tell me, isn't that the point though? Shouldn't I be pushing myself to the max? Thats what I have done all week and I guess it's just hititng me because my body is feeling it.

  • Hitting your 10's comes with a price........ and a great reward!  It will get better!

  • Great job getting on that treadmill!  I know how you feel.  Today's day 4 for me and my legs are sore and I can feel the soreness every time I have to sit down.   The good news from what I understand is continued exercise and drinking water will help the soreness go away.

  • Hitting one's 10 can leave you sore from time to time and I can relate to getting on the treadmill,   I do it about once a week and I am not all that enthusiastic about it at first BUT glad I did do it later on . So hang in there and Keep Moving forward!!

  • It's day 4 for me and my legs are killing me.

  • In my first week, I was so sore that I could not hold my balance when I walked....and there was slippery icy snow everywhere because it was winter! But after that first week or so I never felt THAT sore agan. It will wear off and you will not have that hard of a time every workout. I took alieve and it helped. You don't have to take as many as often.

    Great job on week one! You must have really pushed yoursef and done your best to have that initial crazy soreness.

  • If you're really sore, you're doing something right! Keep up the good work! dig in deep!!

  • Welcome to the team.  The old saying, "no pain, no gain"..well, it's true.  You have to push yourself to failure, and get those "10's" in order to make the small tears in the muscle, so that the muscle can grow back bigger during recovery.  If you are not pushing yourself, the muscle has no reason to grow, because it can handle what you are throwing at it.

  • I'm so sore today..I couldn't hardly pull my pants up!! hahaha guess that means I'm doing something right lol!

  • Greetings , but just a little tip , I have found that the use of the EAS Muscle Armor did help with recovery as well as the EAS Betagen when taken after tough workouts. (I love that Tang like flavor too)

  • I am in week 10 of my first challange.  In the first several weeks it was easy to make myself sore after my weight workouts.  Now, even though i am hitting my tens and even lifting to failure my muscles aren't getting sore.  Does this mean i am not achieving muscle growth or is my body getting better at recovery?  Also, i have been changing the exercises that i do each week so that my body has a more difficult time adapting to the workouts.

  • Rachel, are you changing up the exercises you do?  I'm in Week 10 of my 2nd challenge, and my muscles still get sore for a day or so.  Not the sore like when you first start, but the good sore that tells you that you had a good workout.  If you haven't changed up your exercises, it may be your body getting used to the same old thing, and you won't see the growth you want to see.

  • Greetings just another way to help with sore is to use a little hot/cold therapy when you take your shower (or bath) when you finish you workout.  ICE  type of therapy if it is very bothersome. but I agree it usually does show you are doing your best in the gym or home when you are a little sore after the workouts.

  • you're first couple weeks, if you're hitting your 10's , you should be hobbling out of the gym barely able to go down any stairs. lol