Upper body/lower body question?

  • Hello, I am new to this site and plan on starting the 12 week challenge June 10.  Is anyone else starting on June 10?  Sure would like to do it together to cheer each ther on!  Tonight I did the upper body workout to familiarize myself before starting. My question is, once all of the upper exercises are completed are you suppose to start them over 4 more rounds?  It took me over 45 minutes to complete the first requirements. Also, I started with 5 lb, 7.5 lb, 10 lb, then a heavy 12.5 lb. then i went to a lower weight to do the 2 sets of 12, I dropped it to 7.5. Is this correct?  Thank you for your comments in advance!

  • You only do one round, so it should take about 46 minutes for the entire workout.  On your last two sets of 12, the first one is the same exercise you've been doing, but the 2nd set of 12, you change to a different exercise for that body part.  Example.  Chest workout.  I choose flat bench press.  I do my sets of 12, 10, 8, 6, and 12 with the appropriate weights for each set.  As soon as I finish my last set of 12 for flat bench, I switch to dumbbell flies and do 12 reps of that exercise at an appropriate weight.  In order for me to hit my 10 intensity level, this will have to be a weight that truly challenges me around reps 10, 11, and 12.  I then move on to another body part and continue the workout.  If you haven't done so yet, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of the original BFL book by Bill Phillips.  He spells out the program very clearly and answers a lot of questions.  Good luck!!!


  • Hi Kermienme, I'm not sure if that is correct or not but I'm new to this site too and I plan on starting June 10 also.  That was good that you did a pre run through the first workout and who cares if it took you longer than 45 minutes.  You/we are new at this so it may take longer, hopefully someone will answer your question for both of us.  I think I'm going to also give it a dry run this week and have some of my gym buddies walk me through it.  Oh I just scrolled down and I see that MJelly has answered your question.  Well anyways, hopefully we can cheer each other on through this challenge.  Good luck

  • Thanks Mike for that break down, I know I wasn't the one to ask the question first but I was thinking it.  I'm looking for the mail man to bring me my book today.

  • HI Kermienme! I am starting the Challenge June 10th! I got your back and all!  

    Nice to meet you! Keep at it hard and when you think it's too hard, push yourself HARDER! I will be!


  • Hi Runnergirl!  It was a tough first day of a pre-run, but I have to say that I am still alive!  LOL!  My arms feel a good soreness to them.  Definitely know that I worked them!  Wish the weights were a little bit lighter as I am not that strong to lift 12.5 lbs repeatedly.  I know though, that by the end of this challenge I will be lifting them with more ease.  I would very much like that we should encourage each other.  Hopefully, we can begin a thread to report to each day.  I know that I am going to need the encouragement just to get me to step out of my comfort zone.  Good luck to you too and may we finish the journey together along with others that may want and need the encouragement!  We are going to be thanking ourselves at the end of this journey.

  • Hi Angela!  Thank you for the friend offer!  So nice to meet you too.  That is awesome that you will be starting the challenge on June 10th.  It sounds as if you may know what we are going to be up against.  Thank you, I have your back too and want to be held accountable.  Perhaps we should start a thread for our 12 week challenge?  Another challenger, Runnergirl, is starting on June 10th also.  We could benefit from each other's support and encouragement!  I will definitely need a lot of pushing.  

  • Hi Mike, Thank you for the reply!  I am so relieved to learn that it is only one round. The next time I do the arms I will challenge myself with the 10lb.  The 12.5lb is really difficult for me right now.  doing 6 is really pushing it.  I do own the book and will make it my homework to read in the next few days.  Really appreciate your time and experience.  

  • It all sounds good, my book arrived yesterday and I've been reading it as much as I can.  I started my journal by answering the questions the book ask of me in the first chapter.  Since I just finished running my last half marathon Sunday I took a few days off from the gym but I'm going to the gym tomorrow to give myself a pre run of the first workout. Right now I'm working out with up to 35lb weights but comfortable with 20lbs so I'm going to start low and work myself up.  We will have to work on that thread and posing our pictures up here so we won't think each of us are just this yellow headed person. :-)

    And your are correct that we will be thanking ourselves at the end of this journey.

  • Hi Runnergirl! Lol!  I suppose you're right, we need to put some photo's up. I need to read my book. Didn't know there were questions at the end of chapter 1. I will need to do my homework.  You sound fit to be able to do a half marathon and lift 20 lbs comfortably. Awesome!  I am in no way physically fit and it will definitely be a challenge lifting the 12.5 lber's.   what will help me is knowing we have the support to pull from. What should we name our new thread?  I seen a thread called the cottage cheese club that I thought their opening format was pretty cool. If you get the opportunity check out their first posting day and the questions they asked of themselves.   Good luck on your pre-run day. I am going to attempt a pre- run on legs tonight. Looks a little skeery!  Talk to you soon!

  • Hey there Angelpants, I'm trying to figure this site out.  I'm on my profile and trying to figure out how to request friends.  That sounds so bad, "can you help me gets some friends".  I can't figure out where to start typing friend reqest in on that page.

  • Help! My question are on reps. If I am doing Alternate Dumbbell curls and dumbbell lunges, do I do 12,10, 8, 6, 12 and 12 on each side or is that a total of each set?

  • Greetings pampam,  I have always done 12...etc on each side. If it helps count each rep on each side  as the same number before moving on so it doesn't mess up your overall total (ie 1, 1,  2, 2, 3,3 etc). Keep MOvin Forward!!!

  • People are really here to help! This is going to be great! Thank you so much for the help! I did do it the right way! Great! Thank you again!

  • Yes, 12 on both side.  If you were doing barbell curls, both arms would do the 12 reps, so have both arms do 12 on isolated.