• So I read the book and I understand how the program works. I read the part where their are so many over weight people in aerobics classes but heres the thing. I enjoy Zumba. I just started it two weeks ago and have been going to 2 classes a week. I feel great afterwards, I push myself harder than most and I sweat like crazy. Can I keep going to the classes as long as I do everything else as described? I always get a burst of energy and I laugh through the class becasue it is so fun. I don't see how that could be a bad thing.

    What are your thoughts?

  • If you enjoy it, why stop?  I would probably still do a different cardio for my workout that follows HIIT guidelines, but I wouldn't stop something active that I enjoy.  


  • Thanks. What I tried was doing the 20 minute work out on the treadmill and giving myself time to get some water and take a break for5-10 minutes then jumped in the class but only did half of it so I still got the dancing fun but also the HITT

  • I do Zumba as well but I make sure to get in one HIIT workout a week just in case.  I do Zumba twice a week and make sure to focus on keeping my core tight.  I burn 700 + calories in one Zumba class 62% from fat.....every song has low intensity parts and high intensity parts so it is like HIIT exercises in that way.  :)  I tried giving up Zumba and it made me so sad and I felt less sexy as well.  I hope this helps!  DANCE ON!  :D