too much work out?

  • My friend wants to do BFL with me, but her schedule only permits her to workout at night.  I like doing it in the morning as per the book.  Could I do my work out in the morning, then one at night as well?  She also wants to do something called "100 days to sexy bikini abs" with me....  but I don't want to get too much exercise if the book is only calling for 45 mins...  What do I do?  

  • Does anyone workout at night?  Are the results just as good?

  • Greetings bye2babyfat,   I have worked out at both times of the day, and I would still say that they are right that your best results are obtained in the morning while you still have your best energy available and it revs up the metabolic rate for the day as well.

  • I wish someone would answer your question because that's exactly what I want to know.  I'm so use to working out for 2.5 hours a day and I wnat to know if that's too much?

  • You do not need to put in that many hours.  UBWO - no more than 46 minutes.  LBWO - no more than 42 minutes.  HIIT - 20 mintues.  The key is intensity - hitting your 10s in both weight training and cardio.  The plan works.  I used to feel like I needed to get at least 2 hours in at the gym, but when I really looked at it, I was wasting a lot of time with diminishing returns.  If you follow the exercises and the amount rest time provided - you will see changes.  You do not need to spend that much time in the gym.

  • Thanks DavidF41, now I have a few more questions for you.  I have ordered the B4L books/journal but please explain HIT for me and what they mean when I read "hitting your 10s".  I trully believe I'm waisting a lot of time but here is my routine.  I go to the gym 5 days aweek and  run MWF 5-10 miles a day depending on how close race day is (I run half marathons).  Then I come into gym and lift weights normally all over upper and lower. Then on T/Th I do a little cardio (walking or elipticle) and weights and I'm there for 2.5 hours each day.  I have the clean eating part down when I do it right so I know I can do that but I want to see a complete transformation of my body.  Please help me understand all of this.

  • You definitely earn your name RunnerGirl! If you have not read the book, I would highly encourage you to do so before you start the challenge.  THe HIIT is totally different from lower intensity and long distance cardio.  I used to run some longer distances and even ran a marathon years back. You get completely different results.  There are many examples to show you it will work.  The nice thing about hitting your "10's" is that the 10's for a 40 year old won't be the same as a 10 for a 65 year old.  But each will be hitting their own personal 10. For example, you may hit your 10 running at a 9mph pace on treadmill for you last minute or it may be 7mph.  A 10 is when you reached the point where you don't now how you can stay on that treadmill for another minute.  In weight training it's called making that "ugly face" when you trying to get those last few reps in.  You want to transform your body, it can only be done through resistence training, not running long distance.

     The BFL training program is specific.  Again, i cannot emphasize enough to read the book through before you start and  trust the plan, it's been proven over and over again.  I got great results in my 12 weeks and posted them a while back on the My Transformation thread.  Good luck!!

  • speaking of gym stuff....I have read the book and I get the 20 minute cardio workout but I LOVE certin things at the gym. I really enjoy my friday zumba class. I sweat like crazy and I always feel sooo good after wards. Can i keep doing this as long as I follow everything else?

  • Thank you so much DavidF41, I just turned 46 last year so you have helped me out a lot.  I have ordered the books and I hope they will be here this week because I want to start the next challenge June10. My coworker has the journal and the cook book, I've been looking through them all day today.  I plan on keeping in touch with you and turning to you for inspiration.

  • You are welcome RunnerGirl2! I got you by 3 years.  I bet you are going to rock your challenge!  The journal is great to follow and definitely get involved with a good group on the thread. It makes a big difference when you can share your success and challenges with fellow challengers.  We are all rooting for you!

  • RunnerGirl2 - agree completely with DavidF41, read the original book and your questions will all be answered.  You can do this - good luck!

  • Thanks DaveND, I checked my book purchased yesterday and they should be here today.  I'm sitting at my desk looking out the window for the mail man now.  I hope you and DavidF41 like to type/talk because you guys are my best friends on her now.  Be blessed

  • Thanks DavidF41, I checked my book purchased yesterday and they should be here today.  I'm sitting at my desk looking out the window for the mail man now.  I hope you and DaveND like to type/talk because you guys are my best friends on her now.  Be blessed

  • You will get the same results whether you work out at night or in the morning. If you decide to work out at night, remember that your last food and drink (apart from water) should be three hours away for blood sugar to be all used up.

    Working out extra on top of your BFL workout will get you injured. If you have stamina left in your for more workouts and your are not a professional athlete, it means you are not pushing yourself hard enough with BFL.

  • I workout at 5:30 every morning, 6 days a week.  I also put in extra workouts in the afternoons with my girlfriend.  When I do the extra workouts, whether it be cardio or weights, I go easier on myself and push her so she meets her goals. You still want to burn calories going in, but you don't want to empty the tank for the next morning either.  Just pay attention to your body.

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM