• Anybody working there forearms...i dont see anything in the program ?

  • I don't know a lot of people who work their forearms specifically.  I think they get a pretty good workout in biceps.  I read an article by Anthony Ellis a few weeks ago (one of the original BFL co-champions) and he commented on smaller muscles, saying certain people are gifted with certain body parts (calves, forearms, etc.) And not to spend too much time on them.  If you're gifted, you'll have them.  If not, you won't no matter how much you want to work them out.  He stated to focus on the muscles that could do heavier lifting.  

  • Sorry MJelly... that information is absolutely incorrect.  Yes, some people are blessed with superior build and genetics, that doesn't mean you can't train a muscle to increase its mass.  A muscle is a muscle, whether it's an ab a bicep or a calf.  Hypertrophy, or growth, comes from breaking down the muscles, and giving it fuel to rebuild.  

    So Max:  Yes, if you want to see increased forearm strength or growth, add an exercise to train it.  MJelly is right that the forearm works to stabilize during exercises like bicep curls and tricep extensions (actually any exercise that requires a good grip).  But the forearms are made up a group of muscles, some work when you squeeze your fists (grip), others work with flexion and extension of the wrists.  BFL does an adequate job of the former, but not much for the latter.  

    If you can find time, I'd add wrist curls to the workout at the end of the UBWO day.  There are a variety of ways to do them.  I find that a straight barbell and a flat bench is as good as any.

  • I work them twice a week.  I just like to get them pumped because it feels good to me.  I know a lot of people don't do it because they are used for everything, but they never get as pumped as they do if you target them.  This is what I do for them.  It only takes about a minute and it works really well.