BFL on holiday without a gym?

  • Around week 9/10 I will be going abroad for 10 days. I have been told that this is when a women tends to see results. I would like to continue to work out so that when I get back I dont need to start near the beginning again with my workout and I really want to complete the challenge and see what results I get after the full 12 weeks.]

    Has anyone done something similar and still managed to work out without the gym?

    What did you do to keep going on the plan?

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • I am wondering the same thing- I am in the same position as you.  My plan is to pack along my running shoes- thats cardio every other day- half the battle.  With weights, I figure I could try working on push ups, squats, and other leg lifts where weights aren't involved. OR- you could bring along a yoga/ pilates resistance  band- these work great too.

    Now the eating healthy part.... that will be tougher  ;)

  • Ok-no help or ideas so far!

    Here are some things I thought could be possible....

    cardio-swimming lengths for 20 mins, running/walking for 20 mins

    ubwo - push ups, bench/step presses,lifting heavy water bottles,pull ups on kids play equipment ;D, planks

    lbwo - squats,lunges,steps,sit ups, planks

    I agree with the food and drink part,but at least we wont be back at the start with our fitness! and we need to enjoy ourselves!!!!

    Any more ideas?

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • I remember that during my first challenge I went on a vacation.  I worked out in the local city pool and ran on cardio day that week and working out in the hotel and city owned gym on the weight and one cardio day that week as well.  All that took was a little advance planning and checking (some of it on line and by phone) to work-out all the details and much to my surprise it turned out great that week. Hope this helps.  (planning also includes what you will do for supps and meals somewhat that week, as best you can).  keep moving forward!!!