Thoughts on chest exercises after double mastectomy with reconstruction

  • Hi Body for Lifers,

    I just started my B.f.L challenge on Monday, May 13th. 

    I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction 5 years ago.  My implants are under my chest muscles.

    A few weeks after my final surgery, I asked my plastic surgeon if I could weight train my chest muscles.  He said "Why do you want to do that.  Woman don't need a muscular chest."   I've asked this question of personal trainers.  One trainer said that, yes, I do need to work my chest muscles as they need to balance the back muscles.  The other trainers didn't know.

    I'd like to hear thoughts from others, especially those with implants under the chest muscle due to reconstruction.  Are you taking it easy on the chest?  Or, are you "going for it".  Has it damaged the implant or the "look" of the implants?


    It's all good.

  • With implants under the chest muscles, they are placed in a sort of hollowed out spot in the chest. If you do intense lifting isolating the chest, they can shift when you flex but will go back into place. However, over time the shape of the muscle can change and you may have to have them placed again after a couple years. You want to do lifting that involves the chest, but that doesn't isolate the chest. It won't be a problem unless you are seriously pumping iron with bench presses, dumbbell flyes, etc. Lifting exercises that involve your back and triceps, or push ups, bench dips, and pull ups, will give you a rounded build without seriously changing the shape of the chest muscles. I don't have implants; I have read about it in some detail because I did have breast reduction surgery 3 years ago and did a little reading on it incase the working out totaly diminished that area over time.

  • I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful explanation.  It makes perfect sense!!!