weights question

  • I have been doing weights (I actually use bands) every other day so:

    Monday: upper

    Tuesday: lower & abs

    wed: upper

    thurs: lower & abs

    fri: upper

    sat: lower & abs

    sun: off!


    After reading the book it says that this is too much, so should I follow the book or keep up what I am doing? Thanks!

  • Personally, I would follow the book.  Your body needs a certain amount of rest time to repair muscle tissue.  How does your body feel after a workout?  Is it sore?  Are you sore the next day?  You may want to invest in a pair of Poweblocks.  Seems expenspensive when you buy them, but SO worth the money!

  • Oh I have dumbells here but the bands really work so Im ok with them :-)

  • From everything I have read on here you need to follow the plan to the T.  I have been working out for 39 yrs. so this was a biggie for me but this time around I am going to do it by the book, and drop all my preconceived notions about fitness and how it should be done.  

    This plan does work if followed exactly by the book.  I've asked and seen results by plenty of others around here :)