Trouble with upper body workout

  • Hi I have been having issues in upping weights with upper body workout I can't seem to go above 20 lbs anyone else having this issue I'm in week 3 of challenge

  • If you're in week 3, that means you've done 4 UBWO thus far.  I would probably give it a few more weeks before worrying too much.  If you're giving it your all, you should be just fine.  You could also try 25, and see if you can push out any reps, and then quickly switch to 20's when you reach failure on 25's, to finish your 6 reps.  

  • Hi Charlie. I've started week 4 this week, and I have upped my weight for my arms this week, although I actually increased weight for my chest last week. I think it probably takes a couple of weeks to even really know your own high points and their relative 5,6,7, etc. I feel stronger this week generally though and it's feeling good. However, it's obviously different for everybody, but it will definitely come....