Staying in HR Zones vs doing the HIIT as described...

  • Hi everybody,

    Need some help here.  A friend of mine who is a Personal Trainer told me for my age and to loose weight I need to stay in Zones 1 & 2 (which are very low HR's) and only go into Zone 3 for a coouple of minutes every so often.  Now if I do the HIIT as described, it takes me way past my HR for my age and is contradictory to what she said I need to do. 

    I don't want to injure myself but at those HR's for my age, I feel like a turtle a lot of the times...

    Help please!



  • I would suggest going by the book.  You can work with your trainer using his/her plan.  It may very well work.  Or you can follow BFL as written, and you have thousands of examples to show you it will work.  The nice thing about hitting your "10's" is that the 10's for a 40 year old won't be the same as a 10 for a 65 year old.  But each will be hitting their own personal 10.  BFL automatically adjusts to your age and fitness level, and it continues to adjust as your fitness improves.  Trust the plan, it's been proven over and over again.

    Good luck.  You can do this!

  • Thanks Dave!  I will def. take your advice...  Will be better for increasing my cardio as well :)  


  • I have to say that I did lower internsity, long duration (40-60 min) many times over the years without great results...whereas in the past 8 weeks, I have been doing the HIIT described in the book with great results...lost 26lbs of fat and gained 6 lbs of muscle...4 weeks to go and I am PUMPED!!

    Give the book a fair 12 week shake.

  • Thanks for sharing that!!!  I am on week 4 now but I have been only doing 1/2 of what they suggest.  I have been taking a body pump class for 1 hr. as 1 weight workout (light) more for fun to break the boerdom.  Then 2 days of real weights, and mixing my workouts with the HIIT so maybe I'll start focusing more on the program and less on what I want to do...  I appreciate your input and congrats on that amazing weight loss!!!


  • Yes I would say doing it by the book is your best bet. If you are concerned with your heart rate, you could always consult a doctor, maybe even do a stress test so you aren't worried about your health/physical limitations.

    I get a tremendous benefit from doing it by the book-not just physically but emotionally as well. It is SUCH a feeling of accomplishment to fill in my worksheets and do it like it says. My body produces "happy feelings" and I believe this really fights the stressful cortisol that comes from daily life stuff, since cortisol can hinder weight loss. Stress is a normal part of life, but no matter how bad a day might be, I can rest at night knowing that at least my program was done to my best ability. This goes a long way for my overall state of being. And I believe I have gotten better physical results because of it.

  • Thanks Lil Caity!  I did do a 20 min. run today and loved being able to not watch my HR and just take off...  It was soooo  freeing :)  How are you doing?