Group classes as Cardio

  • Can we consider group fitness classes like Cyclying, boot camp, Zumba as Cardio?? Or do we need to do 20min HIIT no matter which group class you attended?.

  • I don't know for sure.  I would guess that if you are reaching intensity level 9 for at least 4 minutes, spread out throught the workout, and then intensity level 10 for at least a minute, it would be ok.  I do cardio videos sometimes on my cardio days, and I feel like they usually push me farther than I can push myself.

  • I did Cycling class as Cardio yesterday, and my instructor pushed me to intensity level 9, and sometimes to 10, I felt very good. thanks for your feedback Lila. I will make sure, I am pushing my slef to 9 and 10 in the class.

  • I was wondering the same as I take kickboxing and a few others and I just don't have a clue...  


  • I think Lila is right, as long as we are hitting intensity 9 four times and 10 for a minute we are good to go.