3 miles in 20 minutes - Any avid runners?

  • I'm on day 19 and have been doing 2.51-2.58 miles in 20 mins. I can't seem to break it, because I'm affraid I'll hurl on the treadmill. Any advice?

  • Do you use any sort of cadence for your breathing...keeping a rhythm of some sort instead of just huffing and puffing? It is hard to do with music playing in your ears, but if you practice, it makes your oxygen levels increase plus it helps focus on exhaling properly; when you dont CO2 builds in your lungs causing cramps and nausea. I try to do, say, inhaling for 3 footfalls and then exhaling for 4 footfalls...use the rhythm of your running to help increase your O2 intake and you should see an increase in your times...that and be patient.

  • Thought about increasing the incline or getting ankle weights? This will give you extra resistance and help you work hard without having to increase speed. I have been there too... when I reached my last couple of weeks my Level 10 was around 11mph and it was vaguely scary, not because I was afraid of throwing up but because I was afraid of making a misstep and falling on my face! I found increasing the treadmill incline from 1.0 to just 2.5 made a difference, I still felt like I got a great workout, and my legs also reaped some good benefits from it!

  • Thank you for the advice! I've been working on my breathing, and for the 1st time, I did 2.6 miles in 20mins after being stuck in the 2.5 range!

    As for the incline and weights, I will definitely give it a go! I like the idea of adding resistance, hopefully I'll see drastic differences. I'm already on day 30 and am running (pun intended) out of time for meeting my goal.

  • Stay away from running with ankle weights, it raises hell on your ligaments and joints...increase the incline instead....same effect.