Missed cardio, should I double up?

  • Question:  Was extra tired last night so I decided not to do my cardio (in week 9 of my challenge and feeling extra tired and hungry btw)...do I double my cardio up with my weights today or cut my losses?

  • Nope make it your day off

  • I ate good yesterday...do I not take a free day of eating on Sunday than?  And workout on Sunday instead?

  • You can do both seeing how you didn't have a cheat day yet, so Sunday do your cardio then have all the foods you want to eat.

  • Great...thank you dearly!  

  • Just know that in week 9, you are supposed to be tired.  I remember feeling wiped out for the last four weeks of my challenge.  I think that is when our bodies are changing the most and we are really burning through the fat.  Make sure to drink lots of water, and if you need to increase your calories a little bit, then do so to fuel your body, just make sure they are clean calories.  If you have to double up in the future, and if you are able to do so, you can do cardio in the morning and then weights later in the day or vice versa...I've done that before.  You're doing great.  Keep it up!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • That's good to hear.  I've noticed the energy is draining a little, and cardio workouts are more difficult to really push.  Last night the treadmill killed me, even though I was determined to have a good workout.  I finished, but it wiped me out!

    I've been doing the same morning cardio, evening weights this week.  

    Good luck RICCAR, so close!

  • That's good to know!  Thanks for all your advice...you guys are awesome for offering your support and great info!