Ab exercises

  • What do you all do for your ab exercises?  Do you only do them on lower body days or more than that?  Thanks!

  • Hi back I do them on lower body days but have started doing them more as not anywhere near washboard yet. Still look 4 months pregnant. Can feel the muscle underneath its just hiding still at the mo.

  • I'm going to do them 3 or 4 days a week...


  • Hi. I'm keen to understand what people do for weight in their abs sessions. I've just started this week and just did plain crunches and twists on my first session, however I suspect I will need some weight soon. Do people tend to just hold a flat plate against their chest? Thanks in advance.

  • Greetings IronBrian,  I have been doing the flat plate against the chest for sometime now, but I am always cautious not to overdo it and not to round the back to much to do damage to the small area there. You must work up on the weight used gradually and of course on the reps as well and of course the angle of the board as well on that.  (I am now doing three sets of ab board at the highest setting on the unit, with 27 1/2,  30, and 35 lbs on my chest and my abs are getting stronger but as is always true , true abs definition is made in the kitchen (diet watching) and not just in the gym.  I will be doing extra ab work only on my cardio days when I start the Challenge on 8 april this monday., as I did last challenge last year. Keep MOving Forward..... from WPBILL

  • Thanks for the tip WPBill, enjoy your challenge too!

  • I fully agree with WPBill, abs are mainly made in the kitchen.  You have to watch your diet, and the amount of fat you are taking into your system.  Also, you must cut down on your body fat.  In order to see your abs start to pop, men must be around 10% BF or lower, and women around 13-14% BF or lower.

    Lets say your body fat is around 25% currently, you can do tons of ab work, and yes, your ab muscles will get stronger, but until you cut back your body fat, you will NEVER see your abs.