torn miniscus

  • Hello, I had knee surgery in Dec. and have gone through P.T.. I my have apparently strained it ( swollen) do to lower body training. Is there some lower body training that will not put so much stress on my knee or those muscles affected? I am seeing really good process through Body for Life and dont wont to lose that. 

  • I've been through the same surgery twice (though that doesn't make me an expert).  The first time it took me 6 months to "recover" from what typically takes 4 weeks (and that was as a 20 year old).  They can be kind of finicky.

    Focus on low/no impact cardio.  You may find that it's the cardio hurting you more than the LBWO.  Bicycles and Elliptical Machines are great.  Unfortunately, virtually all lower body resistance training is going to stress the knee to some degree.  If you have the option to train in a pool, that worked well for me.  If not, I'd suggest decreasing the weight and "going through the motions" much like your PT, during lower body resistance days.

    You may also call your doc and tell him about the swelling and your fitness program, but they tend to play it ultra conservatively and will tell you get off of it and ice it for 2-3 weeks.