Prepatellar (kneecap) bursitis / When can I workout again?

  • Hello,

    I am into my fouth week of the program.  10 days ago I did my LBWO in the morning, which went very well, and later that evening I developed pain in my left knee.  (Nothing out of the ordinary was noticed during my workout.)  My knee was sore for about two days and then became pain free.  When the pain came on, the fluid under the skin was about as big as a small egg.  I have been resting it, taking ibuprofen and icing it often.  The bursitis fluid is much less now, but it has not gone down any further.  It is barely noticeable visibly, but I can feel it and if I compress the fluid, it amounts to about 1/2 of a tablespoon of liquid under the skin.  There was never any sign of infection or redness.  No blunt trauma or skin breaks, just overuse I would guess.

    I still do not have any pain, but I was wondering when I can start to work my knees a bit.  Do I need to wait until the fluid is all gone?  Or, can I try a few things and see what happens?  I am hesitant to do anything that might hinder my progress further.

    I was hoping to find someone with some experience with knee bursitis. I am 42, 5'7" and about 160lbs.




  • Are you able to see a doctor? I would make an appt with my general care physician, and possibly get a reference for a specialist. I know it can be a pain to wait and do all that, but its better to avoid risk of injury or infection.

  • Will do. i have a Sports Med Dr appt. tomorrow. I was just hoping to find someone with a similar experience.