Abdominal Cramps during workout - Any idea what the problem might be?

  • Ok I am on my 2nd week doing the Body for Life Program.  This is the 2nd time I have had this problem.  I do my Leg Exercises like I am suppose to be doing then go to Abs.  I get on my 2nd or 3rd set and my Stomach Cramps up.  The first time this happened I rested a little longer.  It was on my 3rd set.  Today same thing happened but more severe.  I could not even move without my stomach cramping.  Not sure why this is happening.  Wasn't even doing a terribly hard exercise just regular crunches.  Any help would be appreciated.



  • I have the same thing happen.  Could be dehydration, or maybe an electrolyte embalance.  I wouldn't think it is potassium depletion since the EAS protien powders have quite a bit of potassium and magnesium.  I've been drinking more and more water and sometimes a few swigs of pickle juice to solve the problem.  Pickle juice helps a lot with cramping, so I eat several of them a day also.

  • so it's abdominal cramping as opposed to stomach organ cramping?

  • For me it is abdominal cramping.  I might be in the middle of a set of crunches and they just cramp up like getting a cramp in your leg (which I get a lot).  I'll lay back and a few seconds later it will release, but if I do another crunch it will tighten right back up.  It really gives a strong contraction.    

  • Not sure how would I distinguish between the two?

  • if you are drinking a lot of water, that can flush out your potassium and sodium, as well as other electrolytes. Obviously, I don't know what you are and aren't doing that might bring on cramping, but potassium tends to be the typical culprit.  Try electrolyte hydration when working out if you aren't already doing so

  • Ok will give it a try.  Thanks for the help.

  • abdominal muscle cramping  - if you do a good abdominal stretch you will feel it activate those cramping muscles. Also that kind of cramping tends to be generalized across the abdominal wall

    stomach organ cramping - it usually is localized to just below the sternum and it tends to happen when you work out too soon after a meal or if you drank a ton of liquids before / during a workout. An abdominal stretch will not relieve or perpetuate a stomach organ cramp

  • cool! no prob :-)