• I would like to start practicing yoga along with following the BFL program. To start off I'll be using the DDP Yoga Beginners program which is 20 min long. Now my question is when should I fit in the Yoga? Obviously I can do it every Sunday on my day off but would 1X a week be enough? Would doing yoga before, say, the 20 minutes Aerobics solution make sense or does Yoga and Cardio not mix when done back to back?

    Anyone else doing Yoga? Any comments, tips and suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance! 

  • In my opinion, yoga is low impact enough that you could mix it in anywhere. I do pilates after my cardio on Thursdays, and I really enjoy it. I have been considering adding a yoga class as well, but haven't yet. If it was me, I would try the 20 min yoga before your HIIT one day, and before lifting another day, and see what you like best. Maybe start 2 days a week? Good luck!


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Women 18-29

  • I agree with Melissa.  Yoga can be added in to wherever you feel comfortable.  I don't really consider Yoga as part of my workout because I always feel so relaxed afterwards.  LOL  I know that it really IS a workout, but I consider more as a bonus for my mental well being..  kind of like a bubble bath!

    :)  Kerry
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