Does anyone lift fasted?

  • Book says to lift on empty stomach. Doesn't make sense though. 

  • I lift both fasted and after eating, depending on what time I workout. If I lift before eating, I make sure to have a meal asap afterwards.


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  • I am also very interested on this question, just read the BFL book today and he made it sound like he did his workout in the monring on an empty stomach, but i'm looking to gain size, not so much lose weight like a lot of the other people on here. Have you heard anything else on this topic?

  • If you are eating six meals a day and you work out first thing in the morning it works great.  I eat my last meal at 830 or 900 but can't make it to the gym until about 930 so if I work out fasted I get nauseous.  I have been drinking a myoplex before my workout and that has solved that problem.  I think you will only have problems if you work out more than 10 hours after your last meal.  

  • I did it by the book:  3 meals after my last meal (if not first thing in the morning).  It worked great!

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