Sciatica issues 5 weeks in, what to do?

  • Hi and thanks in advance... 

    I'm 50 yrs old and started the weightlifting portion of BFL 5 weeks ago, I'm trying to gain weight so I've just added more protein to my diet and not done the cardio.  A few weeks ago the sciatica started in my right leg and hip, never had an issue with it before.  Been doing mostly squats and actually love doing them and don't want to quit but feel like it's probably the cause.   The last 2 weeks it was bad enough that I only did one lower body w/o a week.  Should i take a break and see if it heals?  Anyone have experience with this?  It's not terrible pain but definitely annoying. 

  • Kittcat -

    Understand my advice is probably not the most logical, so accept with warning, haha.  

    I would push through it and see what happens.  If it gets worse, then you know you need to stop doing them all together.  If it proceeds but doesn't get worse, just an annoyance, then you need to weight the pro's and con's.  

    Side note, your 50, gonna have aches and pains associated with age.  I have quit a few injuries from the military and just have to do the pros and cons with pain, some stuff I still do, other items I've stopped all together.

    Good Luck!!