Cardio Everyday?

  • Hi All, 

    I started a BFL challenge last January, and by late Summer, I had lost 35 lbs. During the fall I got really busy with stuff and didn't stay consistent with workouts and eating properly. Now I started up again on January 7th, and lost 5 lbs, but I want to expedite the process a bit. This is my last 20 (or 25 lbs), so I know it gets harder, during the last 20 or so pounds). This is my workout schedule:

    Monday - UBWO (upper body workout, arms, shoulders, chest and back)

    Tuesday - Cardio

    Wednesday - LBWO (Lower body workout, legs, glutes and abs)

    Thursday - Cardio

    Friday - UBWO

    Saturday - Cardio

    Sunday - Cardio

    Then the following week I do LBWO on Monday and Friday, UBWO on Wednesday and cardio on the other days.

    Thanks for all feedback.

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • ^^^

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Hello just wondering if your cardio is the HIT type on those days? and do you do any other exercises on those day to fine tune any problem or stubborn areas?

  • Elle, I'm also adding some additional cardio to my routine.  On my HIIT days,  after I reach 20 minutes, I will continue easy to moderate cardio for the next 15 minutes on whatever machine I've been using.  On treadmill, I will go at about 6-7 mph with some 30 sec walks ever so often.  After Fridays weight routine (upper or lower depending upon the week) I'll go to the last 30 min of a spin class.  I will mainly ride steady but will do a few intervals. On Saturdays and Sundays, I will swim about 2000-3000 yds in the morning (have access to high school pool).  Mind you, these extra cardio routines are fairly mild to moderate with no hard intervals.  The key, IMOHO, is to do no more than 3 HIITs per week and any extra cardio at no more than a moderate effort.  In fact today, I swam about 3000 yds this morning (easy) and then ran a local 5k aftewards (fairly easy, but on a hilly course).  I was not really running for time (have a nagging hamstring), just wanted to get a little extra in...and of course a t-shirt for the run.

    Maybe this will give you some options to consider.  Good luck on dropping the last 20.  Bet you do it!


  • I do 60 minutes of non-HIIT cardio after all of my BFL workouts and HIIT cardio.


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  • Thanks, guys!

    @WP Bill,

    Yes I do HIT cardio on those days. Right now, I'm up to level 7 for 20 mins on the eliptical and will do a 5 minute cool down on level three. I don't do any other exercise or weights on cardio days.

    @David and Spartacus

    It sounds like a good idea to do moderate cardio on weight training days and HIT cardio on cardio days.

    I was afraid to do "too much" cardio, because the weight training magazines sometime advise against it, saying it could impede muscle development. I'm definitely going to add some cardio to the weight training days, so I can speed up my weight loss goals.

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Hi there, thanks for bringing this up.. I was not feeling like I was getting nearly enough cardio time in the last time I attempted the BFL challenge last year. I ended up giving up on week 7 due to zero shift in dress size or weight. I feel that if I add the moderate intensity cardio in for 30 minutes everytime I workout, that maybe that extra time spent will help out?

    I know that my friend did a figure competition and her personal trainer had her doing an hour of cardio everyday that was aside from HIIT and weight training... there has to be something to it - my friend looked amazing after 3 months!

  • Spartacus - I think that's EXACTLY what I am going to do as well.. sounds like a definite plan!

  • Elle and Anna I think a lot of it has to do with really understanding how your intensity levels really feel.  I know in my own case that even when I get to what I consider level 9 or 10 I know that if Bill was standing there training me I could probably do one more or run a little faster.  I am also doing this while dealing with some health issues that restrict my intensity so I added the cardio to make up for the fact that other than the gym I pretty much sit in front of my computer all day.  If you could really get to those 9 and 10 highpoints in every workout you probably could skip the extra cardio but everyone is different and burning more calories whether you are counting them or not is going to help you lose weight faster.  It definitely worked for me.  

    Brian Miller

    2012 Men's 30-45 Champion


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • Congrats on being a champion.  Clearly your hard work has paid off but I wouldn't advise adding all that extra cardio for everyone.  From what I and most of the successful fitness enthusiasts I know, doing that extra cardio really just inhibits the body from recovering after the workout.  The key is brief intensity and it has been proven as successful for the last 15 years.