Am I overdoing HIIT??

  • So I use the elliptical to do my cardio 90% of the time...My heart rate varies from 175-200 from 10-20 mins...when I near the end of my level 9 or 10 thats when my heart rate is peaking 200...Am I over working myself? Ive done this 6 days in a row..just to motivate/prep myself for the challenge...heres a chart I typed up of what I go by...


    Time  Intensity (manually changed on machine)           RPM
    1min 3 50
    2min 6 60
    3min 9 65
    4min 12 70
    5min 15          75-80
    6min 3 50
    7min 6 60
    8min 9 65
    9min 12 70
    10min 15          75-80
    11min 3 50
    12min 6 60
    13min 9 65
    14min 12 70
    15min 15          75-80
    16min 3 50
    17min 6 60
    18min 9 65
    19min 12 70
    20min 15          80-85
    21min (reverse)6 50
    22min (reverse)6 50
    23min (reverse)6 50
    24min 3 50
    25min 3 50

  • Btw...Im 26 years old and weigh 215lbs...

  • I think what ever you feel like a 10 is, then you are hitting your 10s.  I, too am tempted to do HIIT daily, but since this is my first challenge, I am going to play by the rules and stick to the plan as it was created.    Maybe someone else with more experience can weigh in on this topic.  (no pun

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • I think cardio is subjective.  Some people really get alot out of HIIT, others like me get more benefit from longer sessions at lower intensity.  Everybody needs to find the right "burn" for them, try all different kinds and variations and you'll eventually find the best one for you.


  • Jmp: im stealing your intensity and workout breakdown :) i use the eliptical also, and am getting bored. I go up to 13 for my ten... but I want to try this one :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    I wish I had input for you, but I really don't.  I just know its hard for me to NOT do daily cardio... :(

  • @jmp928- you may want to go to and read about BFL there. If you don't think you are hitting your 10's, then you probably aren't. The numbers I use aren't going to help you...they are MY numbers. If you do 20 minutes  of cardio and get off the machine and are thanking god you didn't have to go another minute, then you have probably done a good session.

    Best of luck if you do this challenge!

  • IMO:  You are overdoing it.  HIIT is not intended to be done daily.  It should be done 3x per week or max 4x.  It is too hard on your joints and your body overall.  Your heart, like every other muscle, needs a break too.  I would talk to your doctor about hitting 200 at your peak; that may be too high.  If you are doing HIIT everyday, you will most likely lack the energy to devote to weights, and any muscle you build by lifting will be burned up by doing so much cardio.  Also, you will most likely get bored if doing it that often.  I say follow the program by the book and you will see great returns.  I wouldn't try to adjust anything until you've given a full challenge an honest go.

    Good luck.

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  • is an amazing resource. Agreed. :)

    BTW - today is my cardio day and yeah... Im not able to hit 15 so I'm sticking to my Ten being 13 :)

    But I have something to strive for.

    Happy BFL'ing all :)

  • To answer the question of "Am I overdoing?"

    You have to monitor yourself.  Are you improving?  Do you do more repetition in the same amount of time?  Do you feel like you could do much more after a workout?

    Do you see results?

    All in all if you're making the kind of progress you want to see, at the rate you want, then you're probably doing fine.  Otherwise you could always experiment with more or less exercise.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the input everyone...I am only doing cardio everyday till the 30th which is my start date (just to get me started)...I will then cut back to 3 days a week...I can push myself to get thru the (intensity) 15 is hard tho..but i do it...the only time my heart rate is near 200 is when I am peaking (15) but after I go to my lower instensity (3) itll drop down to about 180ish...Im not gonna lie, it is definitely a work out but im just worried about my heart rate..ive lost about 5-6 pounds over the last 7 days of cardio and eating right..and i do feel alot more energetic...thanks yall!!