When to increase the weight?

  • Hi,

    I'm currently at week 3 day 15. I had a real bad start this week. For some stupid reason I increased weight and  changed exercises in my workout program. I really had a hard time completing my workout. I did not even finish and my workout session last 55 minutes.

    I keep a diary of my daily progress.

    please give me some advices.


  • Hey Rufus27,  not a big deal that things didn't go smooth today. Readjust tomorrow and you are good. Trust me, I am in Challenge 3 and if this is to become a lifestyle, these little hiccups won't make a difference in the overall results. Be comforted. But to answer your question, you should up your weight when you feel you are not challenged anymore. If you can easily do the same number of reps without reaching your 10's anymore, then you add another 5lbs (or 10lbs?) This could happen a week later or 2 weeks later, depending on each person. Just make sure you are reaching 10 level of effort each workout and you will know when it is time to increase weight. Hope this helps.