Any suggestions on what DUMBELLS to buy?

  • Hi!  This is my first time starting this challenge, and am just now realizing I need more weights than I have at home.  And, I don't feel comfortable working out with the men at the gym just yet.

      I think I should buy adjustable dumbells for women???  Or, should I just buy an adjustable dumbell set that goes up to 50lbs?  I am open to any suggestions.  I need to buy them like yesterday.




  • Hi Ruth,

    I have a set of BowFlex adjustable dumbells that go to 50lbs.  I like them for my upper body workouts when I can't or don't feel like going to the gym.  They are a great set, easy to adjust, and take up far less space than individual dumbells, of course.  I also like that the weight plates are round, and the bar between the plates (the handle) does not have anything around it that limits range of motion.  I tried to use an adjustable set one time that had square-shaped dumbells.  They felt so awkward and limited the motion of my arm because the hangle was surrounded by the bars that formed the side of the whole dumbbell.  (That probably makes no sense at all the way I've described it, but if you've seen the square ones maybe you understand what I mean.)

    One other factor to consider when purchasing the weights is what you intend to use them for.  In hindsight, if BowFlex offered a set that goes to higher weights (I don't remember if they do or not) I would choose that one.  I've found that the set I have (as it's limited to 50lbs...or 52lbs) is not as useful for lower body weighted squats and deadlifts....because those muscles develop quickly, and I found I needed higher weights to continue to progress with those lifts.  

    Oh, and BowFlex sells the wieght stand seperately from the weights (or at least they did when I bought mine).  I almost didn't get the stand, but I'm so glad that I went ahead and purchased it.  It's not a necessary piece in order to use the dumbells, but it's handy in that you won't be having to lean over all the time to pick them up from the floor...or find some sturdy piece of furniture that will hold them....and the shape allows you to slide a wieght bench right underneath it saving space.

  • HI Kay!

    Thanks for the input.  I researched all kinds of adjustable dumbells & finally came to the conclusion that I won't trust them.  I read a few reviews of how some of the plastic components break & plates falling on faces and feet.  I hope this never happens to you.

    I've settled instead on individual barbell sets in increments of 5lb.  So, this morning I ran out and bought 6 sets of dumbells starting at 5lb and ending with 30lb weights.  I hope this keeps me for at least 3 months.  You say that you go up to 50lbs for leg lifts?  I'll have to see how I progress b4 buying more sets.  

    Thanks again!

  • OUCH!!!!  Dear Lord, I hope that never happens to me too!!  Hmmm....I think I'll check the components on those weights regularly.  That'd be horrible.

    On the leg lifts, primarily deadlifts and squats, I'm doing my high points at 70lb point (deadlifts) and 60 (squats).  But deadlifts are awkward with dumbbells so I do them with barbells at the gym.  And for squats I use one dumbbell held in front so I've surpassed the weights in my set.  However, they are still great for upper body!!  I'd say you are probably good for a while with your set up to 30lbs....especially for upper body.  And if you need more, you can just purchase them as you progress.  Also, I thought I saw something online one time that was like a conversion bar of some short that would allow you to use your dumbbells as a barbell.  So it was some kind of bar that had fixtures on the ends that you could actually hook your dumbbells onto.  My memory could be faulty on that.  But if there is such a thing, then your 30lbs could end up giving up to 60lbs for barbell lifts.  If I come across it again, I'll send you a link.

  • I bought some PowerBlocks off of Craigslist and I really like them...easy to add weight/store/etc.