Squat Replacement

  • I need help finding an exercise to replace the squat.  I have had two lower back surgeries and I'll never put a weight on my back again.  I am limited due to the fact I we workout in a home gym so we don't have a bunch of machines.  I do have an leg extension but it is pretty shabby.  Any suggestions would be great.



  • Try deadlifts

  • Russ,

    I would stay as far away from squats and dead lifts as possible if you've had disc issues....just my .02 cents.  

    I guess it would be helpful to know what your goals are?  If you want to develop mass on your thighs then sorry, gonna be hard without heavy compound movements.  What are you trying to do?


  • You can use body weight for most all exercises, and if done slowly and with good form, you can do as many as you need to to get a good burn.  Can you do leg press?  Depending on where your foot placement is, you are working different muscles (hams/glutes/quads). There's always body weight lunges as well.  Leg extensions are great; you can do single leg or both at once to vary it.

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  • Have you tried TRX class?  Or heard of it?  It has some great lower body workouts that is mainly using core & your body weight.  I have neck issues and it has actually helped strengthen.  I would not recommend doing it alone, but a class with an instructor that can make sure your form is correct.  Our Y offers them for members & non-members!

  • Thanks for all the inputs.  Don't know why I didn't think of single leg extensions.  Like I said, I do have an extension attachment but with both legs it stinks.  Will give single leg a shot combined with jump squats.  Thanks again.  

  • Be careful with jump squats.  I have a bad lower back and those are not good for me.  You may be able to handle.  You can always do step-ups!

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