Help needed with problem area

  • Hi all, does anyone know good exercises for cankles? Not sure if you would have heard of them but I basically mean where your calf muscle goes straight down into your foot with no shape around the ankle. It's not a weight issue but a structural one and I've never worn a dress because of it. 

    Doesn't help being 5 ft 1 

    Ive been doing the calf raises I'm assuming by building up your calves you are automatically making your ankles more defined? Is this right or are there other techniques I could be using to shift the pesky things? 

    Would be grateful of any tips. 

    Thank you cx 

  • The more weight you lose the less cankle you will have, doing calf raises will help, but the best will be to stick to the diet and exercise.

  • Ah thanks RAF. Think I may be stuck with them then as only weigh 8 stone and only need to lose a few more pounds.

    Damned genetics probably. Will keep with the calf raises anyway and live in hope lol