Myth: Does weight training help you lose weight?

  • Afternoon all,

    Please can someone clear this out to me. Does weight training help you to lose weight or do I need to do more cardio exercises?

    I need to lose weight and is scared that weight training might not be the answer. Please advise 


  • Eating less calories than you need each day is what ultimately determines whether you lose weight or not.  Weight training  and cardio are a great tool to help provide a calorie deficit...but you can lose weight sitting down watching TV all long as you eat less than your body needs each day.

    BFL provides a good balance of balance of both weight lifting and cardio...that along with a proper diet and you will be on the path to success!

  • The more lean muscle you have is better for burning calories. Strength training is crucial to weight lose.

  • Thank you  very much. The livestrong link cleared out a lot.

    i see that i still have a lost of research to do.

    i am currently following the BFL program religiously by the book. and worked out a diet consuming 6 potions of protein 6 portions of carbs and drink at least 3 letires of water

    thanks for the help,

    please can you provide me with an article explaining calories and kilojoules more accurately.

    I bought a heart rate monitor and would like to know what do i need to do to understand how to calculate the calories burnt when i exercise.

    thank you for all your help



  • I have lost weight with strength training.  A few years ago I was almost 300lbs.  Fearing my weight could cause injury if I tried walking for too long and surely if I jogged, I only did weights.  I did of course watch the food eating very similarly to BFl.  I lost 15 lbs ea month for at least 2 months.  I added in cardio and did not see an increase in weight loss.    I eventually lost 80lbs and still do strength training..more than cardio.  I understand the calorie deficit mentioned yeah any time you do more and eat less you should have results... I stick with weights because I look better and it makes me ready for physical challenges in life.  

  • Congrats on participating in body for life.

    I imagine if you wanted detailed information on Heart Rate information you could look at the manual for your monitor or go to the Polar or Garmin website and look for Heart Rate Based Training. might have some great information as well.

    I have used a heart rate monitor in training and have found them helpful.